Pason at Character Animation Producers Show

Pason at CalArts Character Animation Producers Show

My friend Lance Winkel who is an award winning animated filmmaker, 3D Artist, visual effects artist, Newport Beach film festival programmer, animation educator. Clients include Ford, Honda, Nissan, Warner Brothers invited me to the CalArts Character Animation Producers Show. I’m walking up to the Leonard H. Goldenson theater where the show is being held and Lance says to me “there’s a Carol Burnett statue! I know you love her!” I of course had to take a few pictures by this fantastic statue! We go into the show & he introduces me to his friends. We sit down and just a couple seats over is Brad Bird Academy Award Winning Director, Animator, Screenwriter,Pixar Animation Studios, Brave, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Ratatouille, The Simpsons, King of the Hill; to name a few. They give a few speeches, awards are given and the show begins.

I was amazed by the talent the students at CalArts have. Each of the animated short films were unique and spectacular!  2013 Walter & Gracie Lantz Animation Prize Winner: Punctuwool by Jacob Streilein. Sunburn by Janie Chang. To watch the short films go to:

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