Pason, Film Premiere Welcome to the Jungle, Newport Beach Film Festival Party

Pason, Film Premiere Welcome to the Jungle, Newport Beach Film Festival Party.

My friend Robert Peters (who was in Oscar winning film Lincoln) invited me to the premiere of the film he’s in “Welcome to the Jungle” at the Newport Beach Film Festival!  As soon as I arrived Robert greeted me, pulled me on the red carpet with him & Producer Luillo Ruiz. Introduced me to the whole cast. Actors in film Jean Claude Van Damme, Adam Brody, Kristen Schaal, Rob Huebel, Kristopher Van Varenberg, Robert Peters, Megan Boone, Bianca Bree, Eric Edelstein, Zev Glassenberg, Dennis Haysbert, Stephanie Lopez, Michael J Morris, Mark Sherman, Aaron Takahashi, Brian Tester. Rob Meltzer Director, Jeff Kauffmann Writer, Alex Goldstone, Justin Kanew, Luillo Ruiz Producers, Eric Haase Cinematographer. I love Kristen Schaal’s work so, I’m very happy I met her.

The camera’s were rolling & interviewing everyone as we all went in to see this great Comedy! Everyone did a fantastic job & it’s great to see Jean Claude Van Damme in a new light. A character he hasn’t played before which fit the script perfectly. It’s always a gift when the Director & Producer’s allow an actor or actress to expand beyond their niche allowing that artist to grow even more. This is a must see comedy feature film!

We all headed to the centerpiece party hosted by Locale Magazine. Welcome to the Jungle was the centerpiece film for the Newport Beach Film Festival. As I walk off the red carpet from having more photos taken, a couple stopped & the man said “you’re really you!” I laughed & said “yes, I am really me.” I stuck out my hand to shake theirs as I smiled & said “Hi, I’m Pason.” The man said, “I know, you’re really you. I love your work! You’re a great actress & boy you look even better in person.” I thanked him & his wife then we discussed the film Welcome to the Jungle. They loved it as well.

I was eating tuna tartare on these tiny chips when Director/writer Dennis Peters said “Pason.” I looked over, smiled & we walked around meeting people till Robert Peters called me & we all went to the VIP party where the cast & many other celebrities were. I also met two of the film festivals programmers and a sponsor. As the night was wrapping up, we jumped on the red carpet for some fun pics just before leaving. Yes, I was wearing Herve Leger.

It’s always fantastic to see my friends work & show support. I’m very happy Robert Peters invited me. I love film festivals and meeting more people in my industry. It was a fantastic night!

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