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Pason meets with Co-Executive Producer of TV Show Supernatural, Jim Michaels

Actress Pason met with Co-Executive Producer of TV show Supernatural, Jim Michaels.  Jim Michaels is a Producer/Director for television and films. Credits include SupernaturalEverybody Hates Chris,  Lois & Clark and many more http://www.imdb.me/jimmichaelsSupernatural is a about two brothers that follow their father’s footsteps as “hunters” fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.  Starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles which you can watch on The CW by Production Company Warner Bros. Television.

Pason was excited to meet Jim Michaels!  During their meeting they chatted about where they grew up. Jim grew up in Chicago, Pason grew up in GA/TN and she attended Columbia College Chicago. They discussed backgrounds, life, Cannes Film Festival which Pason recently attended, golf, accents, friends, shared photos, some funny stories, goals, upcoming projects, the business and how much they love it!  How important it is to hone your talents, do the groundwork, make industry friends, surround yourself with people that share the same goals and interests as you. If someone or something is standing in your way, remove them or it immediately because they are not being supportive of who you actually are. Help and create with others that are on the same path as you. Keep momentum going and have fun in the process!

Pason says “One of the greatest things I’m loving about meeting more people established in my industry (Film/TV) is the common interests, passion, strong work ethic and people that really relate to my process.  Also people that have the experience so when I have a question I can go to them and ask for guidance.  It’s always fun to see a persons energy expanding, a twinkle in their eyes, and directness when they are talking about and doing what they love.  It’s refreshing and like being a kid finding friends that you can spend hours after school playing with and you don’t want to go inside the house for dinner or to sleep.”

Jim Michaels has a wonderful spirit, intelligent and knows what he’s doing!  Such a treat to meet with him. – Pason the Redhead Actress


Pason Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Pason goes to Cannes Film Festival and walks the big red carpet!  Pason had 3 nights of screenings, parties, red carpets, networking, Gotha & VIP Room Club.  It was non-stop action!  The first night Pason took red carpet pictures with Producer/Director Ken Feinberg,  Executive Producer Terry Mc Innes and met Cannes Jury Security Sebastien Faye.

The 2nd day while Pason was walking to lunch a French fashion photographer spotted the actress said she loved her work and asked Pason to pose for some pictures. That night Pason met up with Producer friend Freeman White III and his team. Actors from the 513 Film Malik Barnhardt, Bokeem Woodbine, Avelawance PhillipsKarim Lasmi, Cisco Reyes, Director Jae Synth, Musical group the Outlawz, Chief Executive Officer Opus Eventi / President of Art Monaco Johnessco Rodriguez, the beautiful Anastasiya Severgina and business man Sylvain Denys Madoff! Pictures on the red carpet then into the Gotha club where Robin Thicke performed!

Third day was the screening of the 513 Film. A tension-packed thriller, where brothers Mike and Tre set out in search of better lives.  A must see! 513 Trailer: http://www.traileraddict.com/513-degrees/trailer  Pason met and took photos with more actors from Film 513Gary Dourdan and Steven Bauer.  She was also introduced to writer Edouard Valdman. After the screening, cocktail party and dinner it was time to walk the Palais, the Big Red Carpet!!!  Pason wore a beautiful soft yellow chiffon evening gown with Christian Louboutin rhinestone heels. “While standing on the red carpet, I took a moment to appreciate where I was at that very moment. I’m grateful for everything and everyone in my life! I didn’t want to leave, LOL!” Then into the huge theatre for the screening of Mommy Directed by Xavier Dolan, which won the Jury Prize!

Pason, Anastasiya Severgina and Johnessco Rodriguez met up with the 513 Film team and over to the Grey Goose event where 513 team was posing for the French press. Pason the redhead actress met Crystal Paris film finance man Jean Christophe Lepvrier and Paris Producer Axel. The night didn’t end there. Phones were recharging, quick wardrobe change and over to VIP Room where Snoop Dog was DJ. Walking in Executive Producer of Tupac the Movie Giovanni de Francisci asked Pason if she was American. They started chatting, she took his hand, said “come with me” and introduced Giovanni to Freeman White. Come to find out the two had met in Monaco 3 weeks before. Freeman White is also director of production at Fremont East Studios.

Others Pason met are French Producer Raymond Blumenthal, French Actor Jean Christophe Pagnac, Franz Kennedy, Alexandre Cattaneo, Director Michael Tombeur, Composer/Director Peter Mcevilley.

Pason did take a little time to check out the shops. Cartier! It was one designer shop after another.  Directeur Nicolas Ward in Christian Dior was the best! He’s very friendly, knowledgeable, popped open Champagne, pulled out a handbag that matched the rainbow colored Herve Leger dress Pason was wearing and 2 different heels to match. “It was so much fun! Who doesn’t love playing dress up?!” Nicolas informed Pason that the designer shops have their own sections at the Formula 1race in Monaco to entertain clients. Good information to have!  “Cannes Film Festival is the best! It was better than Christmas!”

While Pason was on the plane from Paris to Los Angeles a good friend she use to perform with, Caroline Gross, came over to her and said “Pason?” Caroline was with her fiancee in France and they were headed home too.  Love how small this world is!

Check out all Pason Cannes Film Festival photos here: http://pasonactress.com/photos/

Pason Redhead Actress Cannes Film Festival Grey Goose Red Carpet1 Pason Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Pason, Redhead Actress, Cannes Film Festival, Grey Goose Red Carpet

Pason Beautiful Actress Cannes Film Festival Pason Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Pason Beautiful Actress Cannes Film Festival

Actress Pason Actors Bokeem Woodbine Cisco Reyes Producer Freeman White 513 Film Cannes Film Festival Pason Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Actress Pason, Actors Bokeem Woodbine, Cisco Reyes, Producer Freeman White, 513 Film, Cannes Film Festival

Actors Pason Malik Barnhardt Bokeem Woodbine Producer Freeman White Johnessco Rodriguez Anastasiya Severgina Cannes Film Festival Chopard Gotha Pason Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Actors Pason, Malik Barnhardt, Bokeem Woodbine, Producer Freeman White, Johnessco Rodriguez, Anastasiya Severgina, Cannes Film Festival Chopard, Gotha

Pason Steven Bauer 513 Film Cannes Film Festival Pason Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Pason, Steven Bauer, 513 Film, Cannes Film Festival

Pason Gary Dourdan 513 Film Screening Cannes Film Festival Pason Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Pason, Gary Dourdan, 513 Film Screening Cannes Film Festival

Pason Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Blue Herve Leger Dress Dior Heels Pason Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Pason Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet, Blue Herve Leger Dress, Dior Heels

Pason Redhead Actress Cannes Film Festival Palais Red Carpet Pason Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Pason Redhead Actress, Cannes Film Festival Palais Red Carpet