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Pason has meeting with Ceo/President Daniel J. Gillin of Paradise Entertainment

Pason “Pason the Redhead Actress” had a meeting with Ceo/President Daniel J. Gillin of Paradise Entertainment. Paradise Entertainment is a quickly growing feature film production company to keep an eye out for! To name a few actors attached to their films, movies, productions are Michael Madsen (BTW, Michael Madsen‘s sister Virginia Madsen also studies with Pason‘s acting coach Aaron Speiser,  www.aaronspeiser.com) & Eric Roberts (You all know who he is & if you don’t it’s Julia Roberts brother!) Daniel Gillin spoke about his recent movies, the new movie in the works, his family and just shared some great artist moments. His passion, knowledge and drive are to be admired in this entertainment industry. I look forward to more with him, his company & a bright future!

Pason the Redhead Actress

Paradise Entertainment