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Pason Diamond Necklace! Love the Holidays!

You have to love the Holidays! When Pason was asked what she wanted for the Holidays her answer was “You mean besides you, a house in Brentwood LA, CA, my mainstream acting career stable, consistent, financially secure with longevity and Pilates equipment? A diamond necklace!”

Pason the Redhead Actress explains why a Diamond necklace and not just any Diamond necklace.     “My father David gave me a tiny, cute, dainty diamond necklace when I was 6 years old. Similar to the now popular Bezel Set. He actually bought it for his daughter Jan, she denied it and he gave it to me. I was so excited, loved the necklace and I wore that necklace almost everyday till he passed away last year.  Now I only wear it on special occasions because I’m afraid something will happen to it. It didn’t cost much but it was perfect for me and very special. David owned a jewelry store at one point when I was a kid and even after he sold that business he would buy loose stones and have jewelry made. Yes he did educate me on the 4C’s. He use to buy me a piece of jewelry that had at least 1 diamond in it (his rule) once a year for either Christmas or my Birthday. A tradition he carried on till I was 21. Then he told me whom ever I’m in a relationship with is to carry on this tradition. What woman wouldn’t love this, lol!”

What did Pason do next? Research!
“I found a Diamond Bezel Set Necklace with a white gold chain I liked but wasn’t 100% happy with so I started looking online and still didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. This necklace is to replace the one David gave me, so it’s like he and my guy are with me at all times I have it on. A very very special necklace! At dinner I told my guy what I had found and I actually wouldn’t mind finding a loose diamond and having a necklace made so it’s perfect. He said we should go Downtown to the Jewelry District. He had never been and I hadn’t been there in a few years but love it! We decided it was best for me to go to the Jewelry District in Downtown LA to continue my quest and bring him back what I found. I had my Cartier chart for quick reference regarding Clarity and Color. I wanted a 1 carat or close to it, nothing lower than a J or VS2, certified diamond for my necklace but cost efficient. I spent a few hours with different jewelers looking at loose diamonds through a loop. Not a bad way to spend a few hours! Big smiles! Of course I’m a woman and easily got distracted by other beautiful, shinny pieces of jewelry. 1st store I went in I found my perfect ring, I had described just two weeks before in my size, 4 1/4! Clarity was below what I’d like, great Color and Carat size I’d still be happy with, set in platinum for a great price. Now that doesn’t happen. It’s a sign! Back to my quest to find the right diamond, chain and jeweler.

A few doors down I found Gold Empire Jewelry. Johnny Kalo G.I.A. Gemologist listened to what I was looking for, asked what I had already found in my research, showed me a few diamonds and showed me my perfect diamond!  Johnny Kalo also showed me this cool device that shows the hearts and diamonds if you turn the diamond over!  He showed me a pic of a Diamond Bezel Set Necklace they had just made for someone else. Wrote down the info. of the diamond for me with price and attached his card.

I continued my search, really liked my experience at Gold Empire Jewelry and was being told by other jewelers they could not offer me a deal like I had just found. Research was over. I went home and just to make sure looked up the same Carat, Color and Clarity that was written down for me by a few jewelers and it was a no brainer. Johnny Kalo at Gold Empire Jewelry had the best diamond I had seen, best price, nice and professional!

At dinner the next night I showed my guy what I had found and pulled up the chart so he could see exactly what I was talking about. The next day we went downtown to the Jewelry District and you might be guessing if I took him in that 1st store?  I told him the night before that I found something odd but in a good way, wouldn’t tell him but would show him just before the necklace at the other store. As we are walking up to this 1st store I said again, I’m just showing you this. We walked up to the counter and I asked the jeweler to show us that ring. As the jeweler is pulling the ring out of the case I turned to my guy and said it’s ok if you run off screaming now, lol! I told him the details of the ring, showed him the price (my research I had found online to compare it) and said you’re the one always talking about signs. Tell me this isn’t one! We put the pretty sparkling ring back (now I’m hearing the words My precious by character Gollum from The Lord of the Rings performed by actor Andy Serkis). Haha!

We walked over to Gold Empire Jewelry. Johnny Kalo smiled and said “Hi Pason welcome back.”  He pulled out the diamond I had decided on, showed us 2 different white gold chains and discussed the Bezel Set and my dislike of bunny ears. I feel they distract from the diamond. He double checked with the guy who puts it all together. I had my guy look at the diamond with a loop (his 1st time) and the back using that other device to see the hearts and diamonds. Of course I had a huge smile on my face! Well, we were all done. A day and a half later it was ready! I went to pick it up and my Diamond Bezel Set Necklace couldn’t be more perfect! Funny, I even feel like crying right now. Johnny Kalo at Gold Empire Jewelry in the Downtown LA Jewelry District is the best! He gave me the appraisal and certified papers for the Diamond Necklace.

I was so happy to show my guy after he got off work, we went to a nice dinner and had a wonderful night!  LOL!  Love my guy, he’s the best!!! Johnny Kalo from Gold Empire Jewelry will for sure get future business from us as we’ve already discussed it :)”

Pason already insured her Diamond necklace and encourages everyone else to insure their jewelry, take them to get checked once a year and take care of them! Happy Holidays!

Pason Redhead Actress Diamond Bezel Necklace Gold Empire Jewelry Downtown LA Pason Diamond Necklace! Love the Holidays!

Pason, Redhead Actress, Diamond Bezel Necklace, Gold Empire Jewelry, Downtown LA
Redhead Actress Pason Diamond Bezel Necklace Gold Empire Jewelry Pason Diamond Necklace! Love the Holidays!

Redhead Actress Pason, Diamond Bezel Necklace, Gold Empire Jewelry

Redhead Actress Pason Gold Empire Jewelry LA Diamond Bezel Necklace Pason Diamond Necklace! Love the Holidays!

Redhead Actress Pason, Gold Empire Jewelry, LA, Diamond Bezel Necklace

Pason Redhead Actress Diamond Bezel Necklace Gold Empire Jewelry Pason Diamond Necklace! Love the Holidays!

Pason, Redhead Actress, Diamond Bezel Necklace, Gold Empire Jewelry

Happy Holidays!

“Pason the Redhead Actress”