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Pason at Sundance Film Festival

Pason was invited to attend one of the best Film Festivals in the world, Sundance Film Festival http://www.sundance.org/festival/ in Park City, UT by Fremont East Studios http://fremonteaststudios.com. Pason the Redhead Actress had 2 nights full of events, networking, Sundance Channel HQ pre-party, pictures on red carpets, Steve Aoki party/show where Lil Jon also performed, etc… At Sundance there are a lot of great films to see, Q & A’s (Pason’s fav.) and of course the first night Pason and the Fremont East Studios team (Freeman White, Cecilia L. Padilla, John DiMarco, Colton Rybus and Tara Graeber) headed out to go meet some friends on Main St. where they saw Philip Seymour Hoffman which is not uncommon to see A-list actors and actresses walking along the street at Sundance Film Festival.

Many people attending the festival also enjoy the beautiful, white snow and take advantage of seeing films, skiing, snowboarding, events, bars, clubs, and meeting new people.  Pason does not ski or snowboard but made a snowman, lol. Pason also chatted with Lightning Entertainment Group http://www.lightningentertainmentgroup.com International Sales Agent | Distributor, Writer and Director Will Hartman http://willhartman.com, cinematographer Jonathan Cabrera, Hollywood Party Columnist Mikey Glazer.

“It was an amazing trip where I made new friends, saw some old ones and ran into people where we both looked at each other and said you look familiar where do I know you from? Then exchanged contact info.. While at the Steve Aoki show 2 guys told me they were fans and asked if they could take a picture with me. I said of course! It made me smile and I didn’t even have a film in the festival this year. So that’s a goal for next year. Also while at the Steve Aoki show I was in VIP & a male friend asked me “how do u do it?” I said “what?” He said “Women love u! Correction people love u.” I turn around and all 3 bikini Gogo dancers are next to me on the couch I was standing on. I just laughed and took pictures with them, LOL!”

It was a great trip and I thank Fremont East Studios for inviting me! They all rock!

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Pason Actress Sundance Film Festival Red Carpet Pason at Sundance Film Festival

Pason Actress Sundance Film Festival Red Carpet

Pason Redhead Actress Fremont East Studios Sundance Film Festival Pason at Sundance Film Festival

Pason Redhead Actress, Fremont East Studios, Sundance Film Festival

Redhead Actress Pason Loreal Sundance Film Festival Red Carpet Pason at Sundance Film Festival

Redhead Actress Pason, Loreal, Sundance Film Festival Red Carpet

Pason Redhead Actress Steve Aoki Party Sundance Film Festival Pason at Sundance Film Festival

Pason Redhead Actress, Steve Aoki Party, Sundance Film Festival

“Pason the Redhead Actress”




Pason WIF Malibu Celebrity Golf Classic

Pason attends WIF Malibu Celebrity Golf Classic volunteering, for a great organization. http://www.wif.org/events/the-malibu-golf-classic  It’s one of Women In Film’s best known and most popular events, takes place every summer @ The Malibu Golf Club www.malibugolfclub.com. It was an informal day full of members and celebrities golfing beside each other, clinics, contests for prizes followed by a cocktail party and auction.

I can not tell you how much fun I had, so photos speak louder than words. Photo Link here: http://pasonactress.com/photos/  Aaron Speiser students “myself” Pason www.PasonActress.com, http://www.imdb.me/pason, Mariana Anaya http://www.imdb.me/marianaanaya & Pamela Rebora http://www.imdb.me/pamelarebora, helped stuff gift bags, greet people as they came into the event, give golfers their gift bags, was surprised to see my friend actor Paul Logan http://www.imdb.me/paullogan (also Aaron Speiser student) at the event as he was coming down the line, I smiled and said “Hi, Paul.” After everyone was signed in and gifts were handed out I was a witness on hole 7 where if you got a hole in 1 you won the Mercedes C250. I was giving people inspiration that they could win it! Mariana and Pamela were on hole 5 where you won a Custom Golf Cart by Malibu Custom Carts www.malibucustomcarts.com if you got a hole in 1 on that hole. I got to chat with everyone. Guess what?! They let me drive the Golf Cart! Boy that was fun and funny bc I couldn’t reach the pedal if I sat back against the seat! So, I decided to have fun with it. After the game was over we changed into a nice dress, heels, touched up our hair, makeup and went to the Cocktail Charity party to eat and mingle. I had a blast and helped give back to a great organization.

Oh, I also found a piece of ice shaped like a heart. Photo on https://twitter.com/PasonActress  It was laying on the top of the bucket we had bottled water and coconut water in and obviously ice. I walked by the bucket to watch some women golf, stopped, picked it up, showed it to everyone, took pic’s of it. Then I held it making my wishes till it melted in my left hand (side of heart & female side of body).

Event Committee:
Chair: Candace Bowen
Co-Chair: Faye Sadou
Honorary Chairs: Glen Campbell, James Keach
WIF Golf Classic Ambassador: Tom Karl
Golf Ball Drop Challenge Sponsored: Tom Karl, Betty Thomas
Auctioneer: Billy Harris

Pason Actress WIF Malibu Celebrity Golf Classic Pason WIF Malibu Celebrity Golf ClassicPason Actress WIF Malibu Golf Cocktail Party Pason WIF Malibu Celebrity Golf Classic


Pason the Redhead Actress”

Pason at Dances With Films Festival, Screening for Ophilia

Pason attended Dances with Films Festival at the Chinese Mann theater in Hollywood for screening of short film “Ophilia” directed by (Matteo Ribaudo), in competition for Best Short and Audience Award! http://www.danceswithfilms.com/slt_ophilia.html

It was a beautiful afternoon to see short films at the festival, hear what inspired the shorts, what each person is working on next and which shorts will be made into feature films. After the screening and the Q & A, we all gathered to chat more and take photos on the red carpet. It’s always great to see the final product, share the whole journey and experience with friends, people with the same interests. Actress Pason and Actor Jake Head in photo.

Matteo Ribaudo – Director / Writer (writer) / Producer / Editor
Scott Carrithers – Producer / Cinematographer
Edward Chiodo – Producer
Georgie Halali – Producer
Greg Caudill –Production Designer

Patricia Rae – Actress, Executive Producer, recently in “The Big Wedding”
Jacob Head
Michelle Page
Jeff Staron
Tracy Carr
Burke McLain
Carolina Espiro
Vince Palmieri
Pason – Tinkerbell Costume

Ophilia IMDB link http://pro.imdb.com/title/tt2430360/

Pason Jake Head Ophilia Screening Dances with Films Pason at Dances With Films Festival, Screening for Ophilia

Redhead Actors Pason, Jake Head in photos
More photos on www.PasonActress.com/photos



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