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Pason takes Motion Capture, Performance Capture workshop with Tom Keegan!

Pason just finished an intensive Motion Capture, Performance Capture workshop with Tom KeeganTom Keegan is Director, Casting Director for Performance Capture, Film, Games and Voice Over. He’s worked on major franchises such as Call of Duty, Need for Speed, The Mummy, directed all the talent and performance capture for Starbreeze’s The Darkness, Battlefield 3 and many more.  Tom also produces for film, TV and commercials.

Pason performed scenes in the Performance Capture (MoCap) gear and also transition into a zombie. Tom’s extensive resume of directing, acting, movement, voice and energy make him excellent and a pleasure to work with! Pason is a great for Performance Capture where she uses her physical performance background, acting and voice abilities. Tom Keegan gives the best intensive workshop!
AIA Actors Studio,

“Pason the Redhead Actress”