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Pason Acting Reel

OC Weekly: Pason is a best supporting actress nominee for her role in Bloody Wedding.

Feature Film Bloody Wedding Oozes with Nominations. Pason is a best supporting actress nominee for her role in Bloody Wedding! Bloody Wedding for: Best Feature Film; Best Actress (Kate Murduch); Best Supporting Actress (Pason); Best Movie Line (“I wanna divorce.”); Best Cinematography; Scariest Death Scene; and Goriest Movie.

Read Article & Watch Trailer here: http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2014/09/bloody_wedding_fantastic_horror_film_festival.php

Pason Film Bloody Wedding as Tiffany 4 OC Weekly: Pason is a best supporting actress nominee for her role in Bloody Wedding.
“Pason the Redhead Actress”


Pason Nominated for Best Supporting Actress!

Pason is nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the Feature Film Category! Please vote for Pason and vote for the applicable Bloody Wedding Categories. https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/K7CKWr

Feature film Bloody Wedding has the midnight showing Oct. 31st at Fantastic Horror Film Festival! http://www.fhffsd.org 

Pason in Feature Film Bloody Wedding: http://youtu.be/xjtTj6jn3cI?list=UUOpAfN0N-0J5vv16AAuWMxw

Bloody Wedding Movie Trailer: http://youtu.be/gly-Lc2Bu8o

Thank you,
Pason the Redhead Actress”

Pason meets with Producer Robert Exner @ Squadron

Actress Pason met with Senior Producer and Head of Production at Squadron in Toluca Lake Robert Exner is also owner of Blue Rock Media Corp.  Director Nikolas Smith joined us on Monday, to discuss some really exciting projects. The meeting was a friendly business discussion that turned into a wonderful experience of new creative ideas popping like popcorn from the 3 brains. Squadron has a wonderful group of talented, nice, educated producers, directors, editors, cinematographers like Ken Wales, Brandon Alperin, Brandon Trost and production people. Clients Include: Arcana Academy, Disney XD, Disney Radio, Disney Jr., Sealy, Sleepy’s, MSNBC, Oxygen Network, A. Smith Properties, Squadron, Roger Dunn.

During Pason the redhead actress meeting with Robert Exner, she briefly met with Founder/Executive Producer of Squadron, Jason Scherbert. Squadron is a highly decorated, full service production company, specializing in innovative promotional campaigns and groundbreaking new media content. Emphasizing story-oriented entertainment, quick wit, quicker turn around, expert craftsmanship, and an aggressive passion for the cutting-edge.

Robert Exner’s long term goal is to create an inspiring slate of feature films & commercials.
Check out Fallout Lost/Found Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwdlLcuB3hs
 http://falloutlostfound.com/https://www.facebook.com/FalloutLostFound Fallout short film based on the Fallout video game Universe.
This project is looking for funding! Contact Pason pason@pasonactress.com or Robert robert@squadron.tv

Check out: Button Smashed is a gaming review channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNBNJs1de-8FJvLL0sxEbvA   (You might just see more of Pason soon! Wink)

Pason Robert Exner Squadron.tv PasonActress.com  Pason meets with Producer Robert Exner @ Squadron

Pason, Robert Exner, Squadron.tv, PasonActress.com

Thank you for listening! More to come!


“Pason the Redhead Actress”
Pason’s Acting Reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOVOTC9fwAM&feature=share&list=UUOpAfN0N-0J5vv16AAuWMxw&index=2






Pason at Sundance Film Festival

Pason was invited to attend one of the best Film Festivals in the world, Sundance Film Festival http://www.sundance.org/festival/ in Park City, UT by Fremont East Studios http://fremonteaststudios.com. Pason the Redhead Actress had 2 nights full of events, networking, Sundance Channel HQ pre-party, pictures on red carpets, Steve Aoki party/show where Lil Jon also performed, etc… At Sundance there are a lot of great films to see, Q & A’s (Pason’s fav.) and of course the first night Pason and the Fremont East Studios team (Freeman White, Cecilia L. Padilla, John DiMarco, Colton Rybus and Tara Graeber) headed out to go meet some friends on Main St. where they saw Philip Seymour Hoffman which is not uncommon to see A-list actors and actresses walking along the street at Sundance Film Festival.

Many people attending the festival also enjoy the beautiful, white snow and take advantage of seeing films, skiing, snowboarding, events, bars, clubs, and meeting new people.  Pason does not ski or snowboard but made a snowman, lol. Pason also chatted with Lightning Entertainment Group http://www.lightningentertainmentgroup.com International Sales Agent | Distributor, Writer and Director Will Hartman http://willhartman.com, cinematographer Jonathan Cabrera, Hollywood Party Columnist Mikey Glazer.

“It was an amazing trip where I made new friends, saw some old ones and ran into people where we both looked at each other and said you look familiar where do I know you from? Then exchanged contact info.. While at the Steve Aoki show 2 guys told me they were fans and asked if they could take a picture with me. I said of course! It made me smile and I didn’t even have a film in the festival this year. So that’s a goal for next year. Also while at the Steve Aoki show I was in VIP & a male friend asked me “how do u do it?” I said “what?” He said “Women love u! Correction people love u.” I turn around and all 3 bikini Gogo dancers are next to me on the couch I was standing on. I just laughed and took pictures with them, LOL!”

It was a great trip and I thank Fremont East Studios for inviting me! They all rock!

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pason/234482486659268
witter https://twitter.com/PasonActress

Pason Actress Sundance Film Festival Red Carpet Pason at Sundance Film Festival

Pason Actress Sundance Film Festival Red Carpet

Pason Redhead Actress Fremont East Studios Sundance Film Festival Pason at Sundance Film Festival

Pason Redhead Actress, Fremont East Studios, Sundance Film Festival

Redhead Actress Pason Loreal Sundance Film Festival Red Carpet Pason at Sundance Film Festival

Redhead Actress Pason, Loreal, Sundance Film Festival Red Carpet

Pason Redhead Actress Steve Aoki Party Sundance Film Festival Pason at Sundance Film Festival

Pason Redhead Actress, Steve Aoki Party, Sundance Film Festival

“Pason the Redhead Actress”




Pason at Fremont East Studios Las Vegas

Actress Pason visits Producer friend Freeman White and gets a tour of Fremont East Studios (http://fremonteaststudios.com) in Las Vegas, NV. Freeman White is director of production at Fremont East Studios and is well versed in all aspects of production both in front of, and from behind the lens. Fremont East Studios (FES) is an all-media studio located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas that specializes in multi-cam production including talk shows, concerts, events, web series, music videos, reality, digital film, feature films, and commercials–on location or in studio. FES is staffed by a diverse team of creative and knowledgeable professionals that can help take any project from script to screen. Their fully-equipped control room features the TriCaster 8000 switcher with real time virtual set and motion tracking capabilities. Boasting a 100 MBPS fiber circuit and Elemental encoders, FES can ensure that viewers of live streams productions enjoy the best experience possible.  Fremont East Studios’ staff and resources are able to provide full-cycle production support for your project. Their studio is 2 levels, super clean, streamline, modern, with a smart and friendly team that knows their stuff.

  • State of the art HD production cameras
  • In studio and on location multi-cam production switchers
  • Lighting, grip & electric packages
  • Multi-track in studio and field sound recording
  • Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Compressor and Motion
  • Adobe’s CS6 Master Collection, including Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Illustrator
  • Da Vinici Resolve Color Correction
  • ProTools and Logic for audio editing, mixing and mastering
  • Complete SFX library
  • Recording studio suitable to record talk shows, music videos, built sets, lectures, live bands, speeches or interviews
  • A green screen for chroma key compositing
  • Field production units for all location environments
  • Screening room with 90″ HD monitor and 5.1 surround system
  • Hair and Make up suite
  • Talent Green Room

Freeman White showed Pason their latest high quality, intense Feature Film, discussed really cool and fun upcoming projects, Sundance Film Festival, which Fremont East Studios will be at. Freeman also explained to Pason the Downtown Project (http://downtownproject.com) which is revitalizing Downtown Las Vegas. Downtown Project is Led by Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh. They have allocated $350 million to aid in the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas. Investing $200 million in real estate, $50 million in small businesses, $50 million in education, and $50 million in tech startups through the VegasTech Fund. A group of passionate people committed to helping to transform Downtown Las Vegas into the most community-focused large city in the world. Inspiring and empowering people to follow their passions to create a vibrant, connected urban core. Fremont East Studios is part of the Downtown Project. 

After Pason and Freeman White took some fun photos in the studio (Click to See Photos), Freeman gave Pason the Redhead Actress a little tour of the new downtown. “One of the cutest things I saw besides the really clean stores, learning village, smiles, nice design, playground, bars, restaurants, was the drum circle full of happy focused little kids watching and learning how to play drums.” – Pason

Then a stop at the legendary Atomic Liquors, the oldest freestanding bar in Las Vegas. Originally founded by Joe & Stella Sobchik in 1952, Atomic Liquors boasts the 1st package liquor license and off-sales permit. Atomic, named for a time when customers watched atomic blasts from the roof, was originally built in 1945 and was called Virginia’s Cafe. No, Pason nor Freeman had a drink there but they did take a few photos and get to hear the history of the bar along with more history of Las Vegas.

Pason admits she wanted to drive the golf cart she was being chauffeured around in, lol. It was a very nice golf cart! “More than I expected when I went to visit my friend at his new studio. You never know what life brings so I’m very happy and grateful for this fantastic experience! I look forward to visiting Freman and Fremont East Studios again and work on future projects! ” – Pason

Pason Actress Freeman White Fremont East Studios Pason at Fremont East Studios Las Vegas


“Pason the Redhead Actress”



Pason Appearing on new Cable TV Show, Del Weston On Film

Pason Appearing on new Cable TV Show, Del Weston On Film tues. November 5th. Actress Pason will be interviewed by Host, Producer, Writer Del Weston discussing her acting career as well as showing recent clips and photos of her work. Del Weston On Film explores the work, passion, projects and struggles of both well known working actors and directors. The program features Action On Film Festival producers, directors and talent as well as established actors, producers and talent from some of Hollywood’s biggest projects. The program will begin airing on KGEM roughly four weeks after production begins, reaching an audience of approximately 1 million viewers in Monrovia, Arcadia, Pasadena, Duarte, El Monte, Alta Dena etc., Areas surround the AOF Festival home in Monrovia.  Be sure to check it out!

Pason Redhead Actress TV Show Interview Pason Appearing on new Cable TV Show, Del Weston On Film

Pason Redhead Actress TV Show Interview

Pason Actress TV Interview Del Weston Jack Lucarelli Pason Appearing on new Cable TV Show, Del Weston On Film


“Pason the Redhead Actress”

Pason and Adrian Ward Project Discussion

Actress Pason and Adrian Ward, SVP Entertainment Industries at Pacific Mercantile Bank met to discuss upcoming projects. Pason as Lead Actress in a new Feature Film, a few other projects and coming on board as a Producer. Pason says “I love meeting creative, smart people! What a treat!”

“Pason the Redhead Actress”


Wonderful Women in Film (WIF) breakfast in beautiful Malibu, CA @ Chart House http://www.chart-house.com with stunning ocean view this morning. Guest Speakers:  Producer/Director & Former WIF Board member, and SPE Preferred Vendor, Deirdre DixHunt.

Panelist Included:
  • Charlotte Claiborne – Former VP Human Resources & Worldwide Recruitment for Sony Pictures Entertainment.
  • Kathy Sapp – Executive Producer, 20th Century Fox, “Judge Alex”.
  • Dr. Boogie – Hair/Makeup expert, currently styling talent for OWN Network. www.boogiesecrets.com
  • Xavier Salinas – Production Supervisor, “Intelligence” (new fall CBS TV series).
  • Navarelle Dabney – Director of Human Resources for ABM Industries, formerly Director of Recruitment for Turner Broadcasting.

Aaron Speiser’s http://www.aaronspeiser.com acting students (me) Pason http://www.imdb.me/pason, Mariana Anaya http://www.imdb.me/marianaanaya, Pamela Rebora http://www.imdb.me/pamelarebora and Recee St. Cyr gained great information and worked the networking!  It was a delight to speak with the panelist after and I made a few new friends/contacts:
Dianne O – Styling Director http://www.dianneo.com and Her wonder husband!
Kathy Bee – http://kathybee.com
Desiree – www.AnEmpoweredWoman.com
Laura Lewis – Attorney
Selise E Eiseman – SEE Films
Actor Jon Haugen

Thank you Candace Bowen http://www.wif.org/news/653-candace-bowen-celebrated for having this event. Allowing everyone stand up to introduce themselves, give us proper time to network, and I’ll see you at the 16th Annual Malibu Celebrity Gold Classic on July 13th! You’re a delight! http://www.wif.org/calendar/icalrepeat.detail/2013/07/13/839/-/wif-malibu-celebrity-golf-classic-2013 & http://www.wif.org/events/the-malibu-golf-classic If you like golf, come out and join us 🙂

Now that’s the way to start a day!


The Redhead Actress

Pason New Acting Reel

Pason acting reel, shows a fantastic range of characters from Bitchy Diva to Southern to Romantic to Heart Broken to Ditsy to Sultry – all in 2:39 minutes! 1st scene was in Newport Beach Film Festival ’12. Comedy, Horror, Soap Opera & Drama!

Click here to watch new Acting Reel: http://youtu.be/gOVOTC9fwAM

Pason Bloody Wedding Pic Pason New Acting Reel

See more from the Redhead Actress on www.PasonActress.com/videos


Pason in Film Mindless, Video Clip

Pason plays Jessica, a young wife and mom who becomes heart broken when she suddenly looses her husband & infant son in a plane crash. People resort to extreme measures in hopes of gaining her estate. This dramatic film takes an interesting and loving twist.
Directed by : Daniel Medina Stanislawski, Produced by: Robert Arevalo

Click here for Video: http://youtu.be/z9DTNyy874U

Pason Actress Film Mindless Pason in Film Mindless, Video Clip
Click here for more videos: http://pasonactress.com/videos/


Pason Actress in Film Bloody Wedding Video Clip

Pason plays Tiffany the redhead, bitchy diva, step sister of bride to be in Feature Film Bloody Wedding. Bloody Wedding screened at the Newport Beach Film Festival ’12 and was chosen for Women in Film independent Screening Series. The wedding of a young bride’s dream goes to bloody hell when a blood lusting psychopath is bent on slicing the wedding guests before they cut the cake. Who invited that freak?
www.sharkeyfilms.com & www.PasonActress.com

Click link to watch scenes: http://youtu.be/xjtTj6jn3cI

Pason Bloody Wedding Pic Pason Actress in Film Bloody Wedding Video Clip


More Videos here: www.PasonActress.com/videos


Pason Actress in Film Bloody Wedding

Pason in Film Mindless

Pason, Film Premiere Welcome to the Jungle, Newport Beach Film Festival Party

Pason, Film Premiere Welcome to the Jungle, Newport Beach Film Festival Party.

My friend Robert Peters (who was in Oscar winning film Lincoln) invited me to the premiere of the film he’s in “Welcome to the Jungle” at the Newport Beach Film Festival!  As soon as I arrived Robert greeted me, pulled me on the red carpet with him & Producer Luillo Ruiz. Introduced me to the whole cast. Actors in film Jean Claude Van Damme, Adam Brody, Kristen Schaal, Rob Huebel, Kristopher Van Varenberg, Robert Peters, Megan Boone, Bianca Bree, Eric Edelstein, Zev Glassenberg, Dennis Haysbert, Stephanie Lopez, Michael J Morris, Mark Sherman, Aaron Takahashi, Brian Tester. Rob Meltzer Director, Jeff Kauffmann Writer, Alex Goldstone, Justin Kanew, Luillo Ruiz Producers, Eric Haase Cinematographer. I love Kristen Schaal’s work so, I’m very happy I met her.

The camera’s were rolling & interviewing everyone as we all went in to see this great Comedy! Everyone did a fantastic job & it’s great to see Jean Claude Van Damme in a new light. A character he hasn’t played before which fit the script perfectly. It’s always a gift when the Director & Producer’s allow an actor or actress to expand beyond their niche allowing that artist to grow even more. This is a must see comedy feature film!

We all headed to the centerpiece party hosted by Locale Magazine. Welcome to the Jungle was the centerpiece film for the Newport Beach Film Festival. As I walk off the red carpet from having more photos taken, a couple stopped & the man said “you’re really you!” I laughed & said “yes, I am really me.” I stuck out my hand to shake theirs as I smiled & said “Hi, I’m Pason.” The man said, “I know, you’re really you. I love your work! You’re a great actress & boy you look even better in person.” I thanked him & his wife then we discussed the film Welcome to the Jungle. They loved it as well.

I was eating tuna tartare on these tiny chips when Director/writer Dennis Peters said “Pason.” I looked over, smiled & we walked around meeting people till Robert Peters called me & we all went to the VIP party where the cast & many other celebrities were. I also met two of the film festivals programmers and a sponsor. As the night was wrapping up, we jumped on the red carpet for some fun pics just before leaving. Yes, I was wearing Herve Leger.

It’s always fantastic to see my friends work & show support. I’m very happy Robert Peters invited me. I love film festivals and meeting more people in my industry. It was a fantastic night!

See more photos of the event on www.PasonActress.com/photos

Pason Robert Peters Luillo Ruiz Film Premiere Pason, Film Premiere Welcome to the Jungle, Newport Beach Film Festival Party



Pason Receives Encore Award!

Pason receives the Encore Award from The Actors Fund for showing extraordinary dedication & commitment to the performing arts!

Pason Encore Award Pason Receives Encore Award!


More info. on supporting the arts go to www.actorsfund.com

Pason in Horror Feature Film Bloody Wedding receive Great Review!

Pason & cast in Horror Feature Film Bloody Wedding receive great review! Directed by Robert Hoover, Produced by Patty Sharkey (Sharkey Films), Written by Patty Sharkey & Mike Merickel.

Stars: Pason, Jordan Bates, Brad Coffey, Kurt Finney, Marguerite Insolia, Kevin Kennedy, AJ Martin, Kate Murdoch, Mike Pfaff, Sandy Rhineberger, Armand Rouleau, Ryan Sulak and Tawny Young.

Received Great Reviews from http://hackedinthehead.blogspot.co.uk! Click Here to read more of this great review!

Pason Film Bloody Wedding as Tiffany 2 Pason in Horror Feature Film Bloody Wedding receive Great Review!

Pason Interview & Career Transition into Acting ’13

Actress Pason Interview & Career Transition video. Actress Kay Aston interviews Pason & asks what steps she’s taken to make a successful transition into her mainstream Acting career. CLICK to watch: http://youtu.be/ORWMDfRE_Kg

Pason Actress Movie Star Pason Interview & Career Transition into Acting 13

Pason in New Video!

Watch new video I’m in w photographer Dennis Trantham!
CLICK on “WATCH VIDEO“: http://www.yelp.com/biz/westside-studio-beverly-hills

Pason Redhead Actress Pason in New Video!

IMDB: Most Popular People Born on March 27

IMDB: Most Popular People Born on March 27 (I’m #46 out of 845)

Redhead Actress Pason Birthday IMDB: Most Popular People Born on March 27

Christopher Elam’s OWARI: Pason Is A Real Life Firestar

Redhead Superheroine Firestar, Pason: http://christopherelam.blogspot.com/2013/02/pason-is-real-life-firestar.html

Pason signed with Visionary Artists Talent Agency – Theatrical Representation

Exciting news! I just signed with Visionary Artists for Theatrical representation. Agent – Patty Vittoritto. Click on http://pasonactress.com/contact-agent/ for info..

Pason Feature Film Bloody Wedding Screening in Ireland!

Feature Film Bloody Wedding Screening in Ireland!
Screening of feature film “Bloody Wedding” on September 4th at 7:15 pm – free entry and a glass of wine in Bray at the Mermaid Arts Centers. Main St Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. http://www.mermaidartscentre.ie/

Pason with Sheryl Underwood Host of “The Talk” CBS

Sheryl Underwood, host of “The Talk” on CBS, is a good friend of mine and I was excited that she invited me to come see her in action yesterday during 2 tapings of the show. It was also a delight to meet hosts Aisha Tyler, Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, guest host Rita Wilson, guest host Beth Behrs, Special Guests George Lopez, and many more. Hey George remember when I was a pole dancing nun in a comedy skit for Lopez Tonight. Oh fun times! Sheryl is an inspiration & one of the best women I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you Sheryl.

To see the photo, click on “Photos” & scroll down to “Red Carpets, Events, BTS” or go to http://pasonactress.com/photos/ and scroll down.

Pason Sheryl Underwood Pason with Sheryl Underwood Host of The Talk CBS

Pason and Sheryl Underwood


Pason Bloody Wedding Movie Trailer

Pason Southern Dry Comedy

Pason Funny Redhead 1st Day at Work Film Clip

Pason Sultry Vampire Film

Pason Audition Private Acting Class with Amy Lyndon

Pason Interview & Career Transition into Acting ’13

Pason & Cast of Bloody Wedding Newport Beach Film Festival Screening

Christopher Elam’s take on Pason

She has the mix of beauty, talent, presence & dedication to be one of the biggest stars in the business… Check out what Pason is up to these days, and discover her unique charm. She has a charisma and screen presence that I find unbeatable!

Read more of Christopher Elam’s article on Pason’s Acting Career: http://christopherelam.blogspot.com/2011/11/pason.html

Pason Acting Reel 2012

Pason Interview on Acting Career ’11

Pason Pole Dancing for Jesus on Lopez Tonight


Pason Video w Photographer Dennis Trantham

Watch video I’m in w photographer Dennis Trantham!
CLICK on “WATCH VIDEO“: http://www.yelp.com/biz/westside-studio-beverly-hills

Pason Underwater Ballet Video

CLICK on “WATCH VIDEO“: http://vimeo.com/23547913
Produced by Kevin J. Hynes / Ian S. Takahashi
Underwater photography by Ian S. Takahashi
Editing by Cameron Loewenstein.
©Hydra Services/JustKill Productions
Song: “Lights” by Ellie Goulding (Bassnectar Remix)