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Pason has meeting with up & coming Producer!

The other night an email came threw. It was from an up & coming producer. I, Pason Actress read the email but was surprised & very intrigued by a certain line that he wrote. This is someone I met a few years ago when I first did my transition into mainstream acting (from dance/aerial) & who I have auditioned for.  He briefly explained his vision, said he believed I would be perfect for these films & asked me for a meeting which I gladly accepted. The meeting with him was amazing, great energy, discussions & visions! Might I say again I love connecting with other creative/business people! I look forward to working with this person as I see a huge future for not only me but them as well! Someone well beyond their years & is a delight!  Sorry I can’t say who it is yet or details but I will post more as things progress.

Pason the Redhead Actress”