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Interview with PASON by Ramona Portelli

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Interview with PASON
by Ramona Portelli
e-mail:-  ramonaportelli@hotmail.com
Website:-  www.ramonaportelli.com

Film and TV actress – PASON (sometimes called ‘The Redhead Actress’) lives in Santa Monica, CA. She is single and confessed with RAMONA PORTELLI that she is looking for someone that will stand by her side and who is supportive.
In her continuation to this introduction for this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI for okmalta.com, PASON admitted that she does not take much free time, but if someone is important to her, she makes time for them. “My hobbies are working out, shopping, movies, theatre, swimming, hang out with friends, nice restaurants, go to the beach, get massages, meditate, sleeping and etc… I love that I’m an actress, and I know what a gift it is”, she added.What is your real full name?
I’ve always gone by Pason. My full name is a very long story. LOL, we could write a whole article on it.

When did you first try hand at acting? Any why acting?
When I was a little girl I used to say I want to be the best storyteller in the world! Most people thought I was talking about writing, but to me the best storytellers are actors. My whole brother and I would put on skits (he was a dancer). I attended a performing arts high school my senior year in Chattanooga, TN as a dance major. We did musical theater productions, so we also got to learn some acting and singing. When I attended Columbia College in Chicago I was a theater/dance major. I love acting more than anything! With acting I’m at home, it resonates with me and me with it. People say I glow when I talk about acting, on a set, in an audition, and in class. I love that!

Are you currently working on any new projects?
I have a few Film projects coming up that I can’t discuss yet. I post all news on my website www.PasonActress.com. I’m also open and looking for more projects. Anyone looking for a great redhead actress send them my way. My goal is to be on set almost everyday of my life acting! I love to work!

I have noticed and read as well, that you’re quickly becoming one of the hottest actresses being sought after in Hollywood. What are your comments in regards this fact?
I love it! I’ve been busting my bum. I train with the number one acting coach in the world “Aaron Speiser”. I don’t wait for things to come to me. You have to be in your classes, go to casting director workshops, go to events, go to Film Festivals, network, do your mailings, market, do general meetings, auditions, interviews, communicate with your reps, build your industry contacts or as I say “new industry friends”, etc… I’m very happy that I got to go to Sundance Film Festival this year with Fremont East Studios. I think it’s fantastic and what I want!

Sometimes you are referred as the redhead actress. Does this bother you? What are your comments?
Not at all! I am a natural redhead (strawberry blond to be exact) and there are not many of us. Plus I’m an actress, so it fits me perfectly. When someone says “I need a great, polished, smart, strong willed, fit, pretty redhead actress” or some combo of that, I’m happy to be in their head and the one they contact.

For quite a good time, you were an international headliner as a
dancer/aerialist. But you retired from your dance/aerial career in 2010. Meantime you had consistently kept up with your private acting classes since 1998, as acting is your passion. What happened next in your career? And what made you stop from dancing & aerial work?
I had achieved what I wanted to as a dancer/aerialist. I was very blessed! It’s not something that has longevity, benefits, residuals, retirement, etc… It’s also a very high risk job! Which is why you train for hours and learn about rigging. Your body also gets injuries and as you become older your body changes. I had prepared for my transition several years before I transitioned. I was performing on a stage and someone that was filming a movie called “Spring Break ’83” saw me, offered me a role, which I did. I got 2 other offers soon after. I took it as a sign from God that it was time for me to come home, make the transition and I was completely prepared. “Use your skills to make money while preparing to transition, eventually you’ll get to the point where you can transition.” I feel confident to walk into an acting audition and entertain my audience (Casting Director, Director, Producer) and any meeting. Acting has longevity, benefits, residuals and retirement, when your union and stable.

Proudly you can say that so far you had several lead roles in many feature films, and has been seen on comedy pilots, Lopez Tonight Show, many other television, web series, music videos, performed on over 100 stages, seen in over 80 magazines, had a 5ft photo of you that hung in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that the NY Times wrote an article about calling it the “Essence of Power”, posed for 3 Bronze Sculptures by Andrew Cawrse and heard on radio. Is there any other thing you would like to add to your curriculum/future agenda?
Absolutly! I love what I do! I love to work as an Actress in Film & TV! I know what a gift it is! I will continue to progress in my acting career doing more Feature Films, TV shows, Commercials and not limit myself to great opportunities/potentials that come my way. I love it when my schedule is filled with filming. It helps me not stress. When I receive a new script it’s like Christmas to me! I get to travel internationally to shoot and love that! I say I want a career like Betty White, meaning I want the stability, consistency and longevity like her. I’m becoming more involved with charity/volunteer work. I will win Oscar’s and Emmy’s. I will also have a family.

Are there any behind-the-scenes anecdotes you can share with our

You always have interesting things happen on a set or life in general. The thing is to go with the flow and if there’s a problem there’s a solution. If you live in the moment you’ll be fine because you can react quickly. I did befriend a duck that was at a lake where we were shooting. For about 3 weeks I would go to the lake before I had to be on set to meditate and the little duck would swim over to me each day and then follow me down the deck as I left. It was sweet.From your experience so far, what is the hardest part about acting?
The hardest thing wasn’t really with acting but I had to learn it for acting, which was learning a standard American accent. I was raised in GA/TN and had a very thick southern accent. I couldn’t hear the difference in how I said words and how others did. It took me 2 years just to say “I” properly. This was the hardest thing for me to learn, but I keep at it for years and now I speak with a standard American accent, but can easily go into a Southern or very proper, old school, Savannah style Southern accent when asked.

In your opinion, what is the best thing in life?
Life it’s self! Love, Passion, being true to you and being happy. Health. Great supportive people. You meet some of the most amazing, creative people in this business! There are so many things, but the best is life it’s self. Acting is living in real life in the imaginary world of the script.

What’s your sense of style and what do you wear on a daily basis?
Depends on what I’m doing. LOL! My style is classy, sexy, a little sporty. I’m petite, fit, and curvy, so I am limited with designers that will actually fit me or I buy things at a discount and have them altered or made for me. I wear a lot of Karen Millen, DVF, Alice & Olivia, Herve Leger, Seven for all Mankind jeans, Ellie Tahari (I have altered). I have Dior, Gucci, Prada, D&G, Armani. For basics like tank tops, T-shirts or leggings I buy at H&M or Forever 21. I love a bargain and I love fashion!

What is the hardest part of being a celebrity?
I don’t see that any part is hard. I’ve never had a 9-5pm job. I’m thankful for that! I’ve had a very unique life, so things are not foreign to me. People are just people, no matter where they come from, race, religion, careers. I am careful as to where I go especially by myself as I believe every woman should be.

What are some of the difficulties of the acting business?
It’s entertainment. You are your business. You have to get out there, do the work, let it be known you exist, make sure you’re prepared (skills and appearance), be open but be you in the process and treat others with respect and as people. When things are slow use that time to network more, do some volunteer work. I volunteered for the WIF Malibu Celebrity Golf Classic and had a blast! It was a chance to give back, make new friends and network at the same time. Just like any business you can be swamped with work one min., it gets slow and gets busy again. It is difficult to educate someone that’s never been in entertainment with how it all works. People think we just memorize words and nothing
much else. There’s so much more that goes into it!

Behind the cameras, and during acting, you always look great. How do you stay in shape? Is there any secret you follow and can share with my readers?
Guess my previous job had something to do with it. When I was 14 yrs old my mom had a gym in our house, so I started to do an hour of cardio 5 days a week and conditioning/stretching for another 1.5 hrs, which I still practice. When I was a dancer/aerialist I would do an hour of cardio, ballet 3-4 days a week, Pilates 3-4 days a week, train on aerial hoop, hammock and Spanish web for an hour 2-3 days a week plus shows. I can’t say all that training hasn’t helped me physically. I’ve always eaten pretty healthy. Water, fish or turkey, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, I do have a weakness for sugar. When I was a kid we were not allowed fast food, soda, tea or coffee. Currently I do cardio for an hour 4-5 days a week (I have a treadmill at home), Ballet/pointe 2 times
a week and the days I don’t go to ballet after my cardio I do and 1.5 hrs of conditioning/stretching, I also swim 1-2 days a week if my schedule permits. So basically cardio, ballet, Pilates, swimming.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?
Goal is to be on set acting almost everyday, be booked all year and for years to come. Go to more events, continue to build my industry contacts and find a great boyfriend!

Pason – Thanks for your time for this interview with me. What are your comments for okmalta.com readers?
I appreciate you interviewing me. I want to thank everyone that took the time to read this interview, encourage them to check out my website www.PasonActress.com, I have links to FB, Twitter, Linkedin and more at the bottom of my website. A cute, funny site I own is www.RedheadActress.com I hope that I inspire everyone to go after what truly makes them happy and they want in life. To progress internally and externally. It’s not an easy process, but well worth it! Be in your power and continue to support my craft, go to the movies!

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Pason has meeting with up & coming Producer!

The other night an email came threw. It was from an up & coming producer. I, Pason Actress read the email but was surprised & very intrigued by a certain line that he wrote. This is someone I met a few years ago when I first did my transition into mainstream acting (from dance/aerial) & who I have auditioned for.  He briefly explained his vision, said he believed I would be perfect for these films & asked me for a meeting which I gladly accepted. The meeting with him was amazing, great energy, discussions & visions! Might I say again I love connecting with other creative/business people! I look forward to working with this person as I see a huge future for not only me but them as well! Someone well beyond their years & is a delight!  Sorry I can’t say who it is yet or details but I will post more as things progress.

Pason the Redhead Actress”

Pason mtg with Brian Stephens of Pixel Flick Entertainment

Pason Actress had a great meeting with Brian Stephens Film/TV Production of Pixel Flick Entertainment re-guarding some up & coming projects. Brian has a nice vision of where he sees things going & what he would like to accomplish. More meeting are happening soon.

“Pason the Redhead Actress”

Pason Skin Cancer, Surgery, Hospital, Recovery

Several people noticed I was really quiet & not posting anything for a while, then not posting anything about me, only reposting industry news.   Here’s the reason why & my personal story.

                                                                        SKIN CANCER, SURGERY, HOSPITAL, RECOVERY

Over a year ago I noticed a place on my forehead that looked like a spider bite. I went to my Doctor & they said it could be or skin cancer so he sent me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist Dr. Adriana Schmidt didn’t want to do a biopsy because she didn’t want to scar me. Her words. She gave me some cream & said if it didn’t get better in 2 weeks to come back. The cream didn’t help. I stopped using the cream & the place healed leaving some harder bumpy tissue under my skin. Two other doctors said spider bites can act that way.

This summer the odd tissue on my forehead looked like it was becoming inflamed so I put a little cortisone cream on it. The next day it opened up to a sore. I thought to myself “ok Pason it will scab & then there will be new skin.” That’s not what happened. The scab fell off but the wound didn’t heal or stop bleeding. This is when I called that dermatologist back & scheduled an appointment.


 When I saw the dermatologist Dr. Adriana Schmidt on Aug. 5th, she said “you never came back.” I replied “well you told me if it healed not to.” Then I asked her does skin cancer heal it’s self? I explained two other doctors thought it was a spider bite. She said skin cancer does not heal. Apparently, she was wrong. Later after doing more reading, skin cancer wounds can heal & open back up. We decided I needed a biopsy. I noticed the biopsy was taking longer than it should, smelled something burning & then she put stitches in.  As I set up her first words to me was “ok don’t freak out! I do think you have skin cancer so I went ahead & cut some of it out which is why I burned the area & put stitches in.”  My reply was “I have an interview in an hour and a half & big meeting in 3 days, you can’t just go cutting on people.” She said “well I did what I felt was right. Make swoopy bangs by pinning your hair over the bandage.” Which is exactly what I did. She didn’t factor in the fact that I drove & now had lack of movement in my head.  Funny thing is while she was cutting she kept telling me to go to my happy place which is me being on set acting. As soon as I left her office I got 3 auditions!  The first one was in 2 days, others on 12th & 13th & I couldn’t smile or laugh due to what just happened. Thank God the 1st role was for a no nonsense detective. A drama with no crying!  This triggered an amazing idea. I should go to my happy place more often, lol!

I emailed my acting coach Aaron Speiser & he said it was ok to miss an audition. I said, “No it’s not ok. I’ve been busting my ass to get auditions, work, networking, you have the serenity prayer on your desk & that prayer says basically know what you can & can not change. (God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference.) I can not change the fact that this happened but my body knows how to heal it’s self, I’m eating foods that help regenerate skin cells, I already did research & Doctors know what to do. I’m going to this audition. He was supportive. The audition was great by the way. I was given 2 amazing compliments. 1. That I had an unique dialect. I said “I’m originally from NW GA.” The session runner said “no that’s not it you don’t have an accent.” I said “I spent years learning a standard American accent.” She said “that must be it!” I said with a grin “you have great ears!”  Well she did, I just couldn’t tell her that I might have an interesting dialect because I was being really careful that I didn’t move my forehead due to having stitches in it. Second compliment was that she didn’t even have a redirect, I made strong choices & she loved it. Now hopefully the producer & director feels the same way since they make final decision on who’s hired.

I decided after that audition I really needed to rest, take some time off & heal. It was really hard to drive because I had to turn my torso to look if making a turn due to not being able to turn my head because of the stitches.  So it was too risky & my forehead hurt!  The other 2 auditions were not for a week. So I locked myself in.

The doctor called me to tell me yes I had squamous cell skin cancer. I went back to see her, take the stitches out, she gave me the name of a plastic surgeon to contact that took my insurance, I went to see that plastic surgeon Dr. Janet Salomonson Aug. 19th, & I just didn’t feel right about her. She was more concerned with the skin cancer than me, even though she spoke English she was so technical she was hard to understand & when I asked how she was going to close up the incision she said she didn’t want to distort my face so she was going to close it horizontal & pull from my hair line so it didn’t pull my eyebrow up on my right side. Now, my granny taught me how to sew & I know when I stitch up a hole in something no matter if I pull from top or bottom it pulls both!  I told her “you can’t distort my face I’m an actress & have thankfully been an entertainer my whole life!” My gut told me to keep searching. Now who to call? No one I knew had dealt with this. Answer…another plastic surgeon, one of the best cosmetic surgeons out here is Dr. Garth Fisher. I sat on that thought for a couple of days & someone told me they knew the nurses over there. My gut kept telling me to call so I did. “Hi my name is Pason, I just had a biopsy on my forehead & I have squamous cell skin cancer. I know Dr. Fisher is cosmetic but does he deal with this?” The nurse told me he was out of the office for a week & would have to ask if it’s something he would feel comfortable doing.  She took my name & number. About an hour later one of his other nurses that’s been with him for over 20 yrs told me she had dealt with this 1st hand & would walk me threw it. She told me I needed a MOH surgery, gave me the name of the best surgeon in town for that & just in case if I needed a plastic surgeon another name. See, always follow your gut or intuition! I also found this news to be very disturbing. What had the 1st dermatologist done to me? Why didn’t she tell me about MOH surgery?

Unfortunately that MOH surgeon wasn’t free till the 13th of sept. so I asked the nice man on the phone who else is the best. He gave me another name & thankfully both dermatology doctors are in the same practice & only specialized in MOH surgery for skin cancer. The best! He couldn’t get me in still to see that Dr. in time because I had to find out 1. Do I need MOH surgery or 2. A plastic surgeon? I told the nice man on the phone “now it’s funny how everyone is saying to me oh you have to hurry up & get this taken care of so it doesn’t go deeper or bigger yet everyone is like, ok we can see you in a month! Do you have a dermatologist that works with that surgeon who I can see so they can tell me what I need?” YES! I scheduled with both that dermatologist Dr. Sarah Gee & the date he had for the surgeon for my MOH surgery Dr. Joseph Greco. Might as well while I had him on the phone, I could always cancel if I didn’t need it. I saw the new dermatologist, who I had already sent the pathology reports to & yep I was keeping my MOH surgery date for Sept. 3rd, 8:30am with Dr. Joseph Greco.  Dr. Gee said the 1st dermatologist should of never cut me, burned me or put stitches in, she should of only done the biopsy because who knows if she cut healthy tissue. I asked her “So did the other Dr. mess me up? Will I have a bad scar?” She said “Dr. Greco will fix it.”  Guess that’s a YES!  Still nothing I could do but move forward.

While all of this was going on I was taking extra jobs to get more money because I wouldn’t be able to do anything physical, lift, drive, for 3 weeks & full recovery about 6 weeks. I also scheduled more general meetings & had auditions. I planned my schedule, cleaned, did laundry, grocery store thinking about what foods I would be able to eat because I knew I couldn’t have anything hard or open my mouth all the way. Bottled water so it was easier to pick up, is key! I booked out with my agent for a week not telling her yet what was going on because I didn’t want her to stop working for me.


Dean, A friend of mine picked me up, took me to the doctors office for my MOH surgery, waited because they put shots in my face to numb it, drew on me with a marker, then the first cut happens. They sent the tissue to the pathologist that’s there to test to see if the margins are healthy. If the margins are healthy then they got all of the skin cancer so no more cutting. I was bandaged & sent to a waiting room where I was about 40 years younger than everyone else. One old gentleman said he got skin cancer because he was a surfer. A lady said she had been in there about 50 times & she was a sunbather in the 60’s. The group started to tell their stories so I spoke up & said “I’ve always taken good care of my skin. I wear sunscreen. I’ve worked indoors. I have gone to tanning beds but not often as you can see, I’m fair! In my teens & early 20’s I used fake tanner for pageants & competitions but I was told I got skin cancer just because I’m a redhead, that they actually don’t know why some people get it & others don’t especially in my case. Everyone was dead silent, staring at me. The man sitting next to me smiled & said his mother was a redhead, a good lady. The room was silent again. The nurse would slowly come take each of us back to rooms for more cutting or tell someone they were clear & could be stitched up. They called me back & I was surprised to hear that I didn’t have squamous cell skin cancer, I had Basal Cell Skin Cancer. So even the pathology report that the 1st dermatologist did was wrong but sort of good news is one isn’t any better or worse than the other & my margins were not clear so they had to cut more. I also had them do a biopsy on a place that was just below the skin cancer. I said neither dermatologist thought it was anything but I know my skin, it’s been there for a month so It’s not a pimple, nor have I ever really had pimples. Since I was there, I would like it tested. Turns out I was right, it too was Basal Cell Skin Cancer. Thankfully, it was in an area they had to cut anyway. They ended up cutting about a quarter size out of the top, right side of my forehead, a triangle above pointing up into my actual scalp (hair) & a triangle pointing down which is where the other small skin cancer was. This way he could close me up making a clean vertical line which ends up being a hairline scar & not distorting my face! He also said after it heals he’ll look at it to see if I need to laser the scar.

I tried to psych myself out while in the surgery waiting room coming up with a story that I was in the military, JAG, in court standing talking to the judge defending my client when a grenade went off outside, sending shrapnel pieces of debris into the court room, one cutting my forehead, as the room explodes with human terror. I quickly grab my client by the arm to get under the table as I see the judge ducking down trying to get out of the courthouse. A tank tears threw the side of the building, on my side. Everyone is in panic, army crawls, screams, ducking, trying to time our movements to escape. My client & I get into the hallway as people are running towards a door which leads to a secured basement. I think it’s a death trap & advise my client not to go that direction. She chooses to. I run up multiple flights of stairs to the roof, bright light beaming down on me, chaos as there is a full-blown battle on all sides of the building. What do I do? There’s no where to go. At that time I see a helicopter rising to the right side of a building moving towards the roof where I was with a rope hanging down. Two Soldiers are climbing up the rope for help, I make a run for it, leap, grabbing the rope as the helicopter is almost to the side of the building again. A soldier helps me in, gives me a helmet & tells me to sit down. I take the order & say thank you. We fly off.  (Don’t worry we are on the same team.)

When I went back into the room to get stitched up I told my Surgeon my JAG story & he laughed. Now funny I thought all this during the waiting room but each time I was in the room to be cut or sewn up, I went back to my happy place of me on set acting & another thing popped into my mind but I won’t write that.

4 hrs later I was ready to go to CVS to get a list of stuff to clean & bandage my incision!? Um, shouldn’t they give you this before you have surgery?  Dean was a good sport & carried everything for me since I had orders not to carry anything, nothing physical, no driving, don’t lower my head, if I have to bend down to squat, sleep with head elevated. Those shots started wearing off pretty quickly. Boy did I wish I had asked for pain meds! Not only for the pain but the tightness I was feeling from how much skin he had to pull to close up the area he cut. Holy crap!!!  PAIN! My instructions said take Tylenol for pain because it doesn’t thin blood. I asked the nurse when she went over the instructions with me if that’s the reason for Tylenol & no physical activity not only because we don’t want the incision to open up but to not raise my blood pressure, shouldn’t you have on this list no caffeine like energy drinks, tea or coffee? She thought about that & said “actually you’re right those all increase your blood pressure, no one has ever brought that up.” I said “I’m always the student teachers love & hate.” I’m glad I don’t drink tea or coffee & this was my chance to detox myself from my 1 Redbull in the mornings.

Basal Cell Skin Cancer Surgery2 Pason Skin Cancer, Surgery, Hospital, Recovery

I had told Dean that I was getting 3 acting bookings that day. As soon as I got home 1 of those booking came in, 2nd was a strong possibility & the 3rd that night all shooting that week. I had to tell them about the surgery. I really wanted to do those bookings! I love my work & what a gift it is to be hired using my skills. It’s my home.  I decided not to get sad over it, I was in too much pain to show any emotion but to know 1. My intuition was right again 2. Energy is moving in the right direction 3. Going to my happy place really works 4. I was going to think of it as an appetizer for more booking to come. 5. Now I had contact with each of those 3 people so a dialogue had started. After one had told me about the project he was contacting me for I asked if he needed a hospital patient. He replied it’s a romantic comedy.  It was shooting that weekend, but to let him know.  The next day my face started to swell, I knew I wouldn’t be able to film so I called him & said “well, I’d make a great zombie.” Haha!  I asked him for a general meeting a few weeks away. He said yes re-guarding the general meeting!  Woo hoo!!!  A friend emailed me the evening after of my surgery, who I didn’t tell I was having surgery & then did tell them when they emailed me. I told them about the bookings that were that week which I had to say no to but asked 1 person for a general. He replied that he was laughing because I was the only person he knew that was still working just after having cancer surgery.  To rest!

Basal Cell Skin Cancer Surgery Incision2 Pason Skin Cancer, Surgery, Hospital, Recovery

I did everything that my instructions said. I had a female friend come change my bandage the 1st time & another female friend Bonnie came over twice a day to change my bandage. This was a tricky process because after the 1st day my face began to swell to the point that my right eye was almost swollen shut making it where I couldn’t see very well. I take security measures at my apartment so I can’t buzz people in. I grabbed my old rigging bag, which is almost empty thanks to a nice young aerialist that bought my rigging. In that bag I had this really long black rope with a carabeamer tied to the end of it. It’s what I used at a club to tie back my apparatuses for quick release or for them to pull them back up. This was perfect! I got the rope, told them to come below my balcony, marked which keys were for what, clipped them in the carabeamer, lowered the rope down over my balcony for them to unclip & come up.  I couldn’t lower my head or bend it back, so my bandage had to be changed in the bathtub. After a few days she washed my hair for me too, well most of it, not around where they cut. Thank God for her & her husband! Amazing people!  She also brought me food one day & took out my trash because I couldn’t. She said she remembers what it’s like to be single & have no one.

Head Surgery Swelling3 Pason Skin Cancer, Surgery, Hospital, Recovery
(Day before my right eye swelled shut)

She noticed that my incision was getting more red & oozing. That was on the 6th so I called over at Dr. Greco’s & the on call doctor had me send photos of my incision to him so he could show Dr. Greco & see if I needed antibiotics. Yep, I did. I texted Bonnie asking if she would go pick them up for me at the pharmacy on her way over to change my bandage. I included my full legal name & DOB in the text so she could pick them up. Another friend brought me more bottled water because I noticed I didn’t get enough & fudge pops because I was craving them J  Another friend helped me with laundry on the 12th & also took out my trash. I will add if you can’t open a bottle that has a twist cap when you have surgery, put it between your legs, use a crab or lobster cracker on the bottle cap. It grabs ahold like a wrench & opens it without much effort on your part.

On the 10th I saw Dr. Greco to see if my stitches could come out. Still no pain meds as he took this huge Q-tip pressing on my incision as I squirmed in my chair, focusing on my breathing trying to help the pain in my head & trying not to scream. Think happy place! Think happy place! Nope not yet come back on fri. 13th.  That night I noticed my incision had opened up. From my incision to the middle of my forehead had become swollen, red & around the swollen part it looked like teeth marks. I’ve taken pictures each day to document my progress.  I was in worse pain.  Pop more Tylenol, bandaged it up & used the tight wrap that went all the way around my head to put pressure on it so hopefully the skin would reattach.  On the 12th I called the office to see if Dr. Greco would like for me to reschedule for the next week because it didn’t look like it was getting better. I explained I could email photos. They said no need. 2 people from his office called me to say Dr. Greco would like to see me on the 13th to keep my appointment. Bonnie drove me there. When I got into the room, the nurse looked like she was going to take out my stitches. I stopped her & said “where’s Dr. Greco?” She told me he had gone home for the day. I explained that was weird, I had called the day before, he wanted me to keep my appointment so he could see my incision because it’s oozing more than before & worse. I asked her if she could call him or if Dr. David Beynet was there. They were all gone. I asked “can you get him on the phone or send him a photo? I’m not sure why he had me come in today if he isn’t even here.”  She said “I can get another dermatologist from the team that refers patients to Dr. Greco.”  I said “Ok but do they do MOH surgery?” Nope. Well something is better than nothing. The nurse left to go get the other doctor. I’m about to text Bonnie & decide to just get up, walk to the reception area & ask her to come in the room with me because I could tell I needed help.  Dr. Christina Kim comes in the room, introduces herself, she looks at my incision, picks up the scissors & I stop her. I say “Wait before you do anything are you taking out my stitches?” She informed me stitches can’t stay in for more than 7-10 days no matter what & they had been in me for 10 days, they were coming out. Ok, then lay back, breath & go to my happy place. Bonnie let me know when the Dr. was almost done. That helps btw. Dr. Kim brings in the Dr. on call to introduce me to her then informs me that she is giving me a note to go to the ER with, I need to be admitted for 24-48hrs and given antibiotic IV.  Seriously not what I was expecting for that visit. She included Dr. Greco’s number on the blue paper & said for the Dr. that see’s me to call Dr. Greco & if I have any problems they can call the Dr. on call as well.  She told me that her & Dr. Greco said to tell them not to cut me open under any circumstance to call Dr. Greco!  I only live a few blocks away so Bonnie took me home to change into comfy, warm clothes, take off my jewelry & pack a small bag.  We stopped by Bristol Farms to grab water & something to eat while in the hospital waiting.

Incision Infected1 Pason Skin Cancer, Surgery, Hospital, Recovery


We get to the ER at UCLA Hospital Santa Monica & I’m in quickly. That note helps! They put me on a bed in the hallway. Bonnie comes with me. We sit & wait. The Dr. comes by to see me, I explain what happened, he tells me I don’t need to be there, oral antibiotics is all I need & if my doctor thought I was that bad they would have admitted me themself. I said “Have you called my Dr.? I came in with a blue paper from Dr. Kim with orders for 24-48hr antibiotic IV & for you to call Dr. Greco on his personal number which is on the paper. This wasn’t my idea. They have the note in my folder. I also took a photo of it just before I came in so if you would like I can pull it up in my phone.”  He didn’t like the sounds of this. Bonnie explained this whole time I never had pain meds & needed something. I agreed! He left, I saw him grab my folder, open it up showing the blue paper.  He came back & said Dr.’s have a difference of opinion. I said “I don’t mean to disreguard your expertise but I believe I will follow my Dr.’s orders the one that knows my case & actually did my surgery.”  Bonnie jumps in as well. He says ok. A nurse comes over to do my IV. I inform her I’m afraid on needles so I won’t look & you have to use a kid’s size so you don’t bust my vein. She wraps the rubber band thing around my arm & it’s too tight I tell her. She disagrees. She goes to insert the needle, I can tell something is wrong as she starts digging, my body is tensing, she’s telling me to not tense, she’s still digging, I’m starting to squirm, I’m breathing, trying to count, feeling my body heat up, she calls over another nurse to help her, they are both digging the needle in my arm. I finally say in a firm medium tone “I’m not trying to be a bitch or baby but this fucking hurts, you have to stop now!”  They pull it out & apply a cotton ball, tape & pressure. Bonnie said she had to even look away & she normally doesn’t have to. She also asked the nurse if I could have pain meds, explained I hadn’t had any not even with surgery & I’m getting worn down. I ask if I can have some numbing cream before she tries the other arm. I explain I’ve had 9 surgeries, not a stranger to hospitals & when ever I’ve had a IV they give me numbing cream before the needle. The nurse looks at me with a blank stare. So I repeated myself. Not sure if she heard me.  She leaves & comes back with the pharmacists as she is holding a spray can & tells me that it will make my skin cool. I say “I don’t need my skin cool, I need it numb!” The pharmacists & nurse look at each other. I said “I don’t know what the problem is? I’m not a stranger to hospitals, I’ve had 9 surgeries, plus ER visits & they have always given me numbing cream, it looks like a patch with clear plastic over the numbing stuff which they put on me, then an IV.”  The nurse says the numbing cream will take 30 mins.. Bonnie says “we have nothing but time, we’ve already been here for 2 hrs, got here at 4:50pm & she’s being admitted.” As they walk away I noticed an older gentleman nurse & I said “he looks like he knows what he’s doing.”  He heard me say it. The nurse comes back with the numbing cream & a plastic patch to cover it.  Guess about half an hr later that older gentleman nurse comes over to me & says “I saw what happened.  I’m going to help you.”  I said thank you, because my other arm hurts! He did it in a sec. & not really any pain.  I was glad he got it in easily because I was told the veins in my hand were too small for the plastic tube they leave in for the antibiotic IV & the lady messed up my other arm so we only had 1 option.

Pason Hospital IV2 Pason Skin Cancer, Surgery, Hospital, Recovery

We sat, I ate my tuna salad, not even 30 mins after the IV started I felt my scalp getting itchy, I was hot, my head especially forehead was pulsing like something was going to burst out of my head which concerned me with my incision. Bonnie looks at me & said, “you’re really red!” She jumped up, got a nurse. The nurse & Dr. come over & Dr. informs me I got Red Mans Syndrome. I said so If I’m having an allergic reaction now what do we do? He informed me it wasn’t an allergic reaction it’s something that can happen in patients with that antibiotic. Still no good in my opinion. So I ask how do we solve the problem & in the mean time can we stop the IV. Problem/solution. They decide to stop the IV for half an hr, give me Benadryl & Bonnie reminds them again about the pain meds. Finally some relief! Other nurses & EMT’s  come over to talk to us & even say I’m starting to look better. They start the IV again but this time at a very slow drip. 1 IV is suppose to take an hr.. The pace they had it dripping to stop me from having red mans syndrome took just over 6 hrs for 1 IV & they had to do IV’s every 12 hrs from the starting time, so every 6 hrs from that end time. Around midnight a mature female Dr. with a cool accent comes over to me & I ask when I’m going to be settled upstairs. She leaves to go find out. The person that takes your credit card for payment comes over. That’s $500! I said “Shit Bonnie we could of stayed at Shutters, lol.”  Guess the lady taking payment didn’t find it funny.  After more time passes & we’re both tired, the female Dr. with the accent wheels me into a temp room in the ER, out of the hallway. I start to fall asleep. At 1:30am I’m being transported & settled into my own room!  Bonnie goes home.  I fall asleep.  At 5:20am nurses come in about every 20 mins to take blood pressure, check temp, look at my incision, poke at it, take blood, take blood again.  9am a young female Dr. comes in turns on a light I can’t control by my remote, opens my window curtain, looks at my incision & pokes on it. Everyone asks if it hurts while they are poking. Of course it hurts especially after everyone pokes on it! She tells me that they are going to have to cut me open. I said “NO! Dr. Greco & Dr. Kim both said no cutting me, you are suppose to call Dr. Greco. His number is on the blue paper in my folder or I have it in my phone.”  She says “Well we’ll see what the other Dr. here thinks about that!” I said, “No you’re going to call my Dr. as instructed.”  She turns around to leave. I ask if she can close the curtain & turn off my light. She replied “people don’t sleep here.” As she was walking out I said “but sleep is important to the human body’s recovery.” Guess she didn’t care. I buzzed a nurse to come do it since I couldn’t.  I had an IV every 6am, 12pm, 6pm, 12am.

Pason Hospital2 Pason Skin Cancer, Surgery, Hospital, Recovery

Later that afternoon a nurse comes in & says the Dr. there tried to call my Dr. but there was no answer. I asked if they called the office there’s a Dr. on call as well. The nurse said yes, no answer, they were cutting me open.  She left the room. I knew they were flat out lying to me so I called the office myself & they gave me the on call Dr.’s number who quickly called me back.  I explained what was just said & happened. The on call Dr. from Dr. Greco’s office informed me that no one has tried to call her or Dr. Greco.  See I knew they were lying!  She told me not to let them open me up!  About 2hrs later the nurse comes in kind of humbled, nicer & says we’ll be starting your IV, first here’s your Benadryl, Percocet & they are not cutting you open.  She leaves the room & the Dr. on call at Dr. Greco’s calls me back to tell me she & Dr. Greco called the hospital & they had a conference about my case. I said “Well I knew you guys spoke to them because of how the nurse just acted towards me & said they will not be cutting.”  From that point on I had no more problems with them. It also got around that I’m an actress. One Dr. that came in was sympathetic & said “I feel so sorry for you, you’re an actress you can’t have skin cancer especially on your face.“ I said thank you. We chatted a little.  Some people are just nurturing/compassionate & some are not.

Well everything almost went smoothly. I couldn’t bend my right elbow because the IV running the antibiotic in my arm made it really sore so I wrote with my left hand. Glad my brother & I use to try to write with both hands & feet. My brother Na is left handed.  I’m right handed.  That Sat. night my right hand started to swell, my knuckles got blue from me having my hand lying down by my side for so long while the IV was running.  I had them stop the IV, we massaged my hand & elevated my arm. Bonnie came to visit me again that day.  Every time they gave me anything or did anything they scanned my hospital bracelet which made me finally say what I was thinking each time…”Who’s buying me? LOL, is he a nice billionaire, business/artsy, attractive, healthy & nice?”  Both the nurse & Bonnie laughed.

Sunday 8th came along, the nutritionist came to visit me because she thought I was only eating breakfast & told me I needed to eat.  I informed her I have been just not their food.  My friend Bonnie was bringing me food from Bristal Farms.  She asked what I ate & she said, wow you do eat healthy.  I smiled & didn’t mention the chocolate.  I hadn’t had a shower so I asked the care nurse who was male if they could get someone for me like the nurse who was female. She didn’t want to & guess the male nurse couldn’t. Somehow after going back & forth the male nurse talked to her & she agreed. Even if it’s a half ass shower where I can’t wash my hair, it feels so good! She started to open up a bit after that & was actually nice too.

Monday 9th, I was released from the hospital & given orders to go directly to Dr. Greco’s office he requested to see me & then go to the pharmacy to pick up my oral antibiotics.  It was another mature female Dr. who released me & she asked how my experience was. I was honest as I told her about certain experiences there & said “Honestly you’re guys lack of communication is disturbing. Luckily I had a friend with me & I was coherent but what if I wasn’t? The fact that your Dr.’s flat out lied to me & refused to call my Dr. is really messed up.  I’m glad everything got straightened out but it’s hard when you’re the patient needing care, in pain & having to deal with this mess on top of it.  I’m sorry, I wish I could say nicer things & some of your Dr.’s & nurses have been nice but this has been my worst experience at any hospital.”  She thanked me for my honesty & said she was sorry.

Dean & Bonnie had to work so my friend Jake came to get me at 9am. Thankfully all of the stops are a few blocks apart & on the way to my place.


Dr. Greco comes in with another Dr. & says I hear you had a tough time this weekend. I said “Yep, not how I was expecting to spend my weekend.”  He told me he called over there & had a conference with the team there. I said, “I could tell instantly when that happened because everyone changed their tune with me.”  He looked at the incision said it was getting better. I asked about the part that was still swollen at the bottom of the incision, the hospital told me it was a pocket of puss & it needed to be milked out which is what nurses were doing & it was oozing out. He said it wasn’t puss, it was swollen & will go down. To come back on Oct. 1st.  The nurse came in & put bandages on it. Jake took me to the grocery store, my PO Box, he got Starbucks, over to CVS for my prescription & home!  That day I got 3 video auditions, the 1st one for voice over due that night. The others not due till the next week.  God has a plan & interesting timing. I’m still recovering. My taste buds got all funky due to the medication so my normal fish & veggies for a week on the new oral antibiotics tasted awful.  I actually ordered a pizza.

The 20th.  Dean & Bonnie came over to take out my trash for me again. Honestly I don’t know how I can ever thank them, a blessing to have them in my life.  26th I couldn’t take not working out anymore & laying in bed for so long makes you sore so I got on my treadmill, walked very slowly for 30 mins.. I checked my incision at 15 mins to make sure I wasn’t causing damage. I knew I needed to stretch but I still couldn’t lay with my head flat or do a roll down (lower my head) so I got 2 pillows to put under my head, layed on my back, bum against the wall, legs up on the wall then open legs up to a split position where gravity helps stretch you. I was disappointed with what I saw. I knew I would be tight but when you’re use to seeing your legs open to a full split on the wall like that & its just half of it, I knew it was just the start of reconditioning my body. I don’t like loosing my abs, but again I couldn’t lay flat to do crunches. I got creative first I did pregnant women Pilates 100’s where you stand to do them then thought about my pillows. I layed on my back with pillows propping my head again, did mini crunches head on pillow & up, I could do lower abs in this position but was stopping a lot making sure I didn’t contract my forehead because my incision/skin is still fusing together.  Did standing glute excercises, calf raises, no arms. Each day I could do a little more & started to incorporate arm, shoulder, back exercises with 1 pound weights.  I’m thankful for all of my fitness knowledge it helps in times like this.

Oct. 1st I saw Dr. Greco again. He informed me I have a few more months till it’s completely healed (like any incision/scar), keep wearing a band-aid in the middle of the scar (where they cut the cancer out) because it’s the area that’s healing. The upper & lower sections are further along.  He told me to massage the lower tip to help break up any scar tissue. I said “like breast implants.” He laughed & said yes.  He told me he would like to laser the scar in a month to go ahead & book it so, I booked it for Dec. just before the holidays because he said there would be some redness & possible swelling. Plus I scar well, when it’s healed, meaning you can hardly see one on my skin.  I know from all my other ones. Then I got another audition!  Woo hoo!

I’ve done a couple general meetings, scheduling more & thankfully the few people in the acting/entertainment industry that know have been really cool, supportive about the whole thing.  I even showed them pic’s., LOL! The scar & area around it has started to have little pains where the nerves are connecting which is a great sign for healing!  Oh I sent that nurse from Dr. Fisher’s office a Thank You card for referring me to the proper people for my MOH surgery.

Oct. 6th I had a great in person audition which wasn’t just great because I did well & had an audition (auditions are always gifts in my mind) but that I got to go, entertain the small number of people in that room, have fun, play, be where I feel happy & home. I love it!!!  I’m so grateful God has given me the gift/skills for acting so I can work. Think about it if I were doing things from my past ____, fitness, dance, aerial, I would be screwed because I wouldn’t be able to work for a lot longer! Acting I can & am!

Pason Actress Audition after Skin Cancer Surgery1 Pason Skin Cancer, Surgery, Hospital, Recovery
(Photo just before my audition Oct. 6th)

                                                        ER CHARGING WHAT?! 

***I’ve been checking my health insurance online to see what bills have been processed. The ER at UCLA Santa Monica is trying to charge $16,000 to my insurance, my responsibility $6,400. Remember this isn’t my surgery this is after. Now this is surprising since I had a note from my Doctor to admit me.  I paid the $500 admittance fee & was told I had to wait in the ER on a bed in the hall till a room upstairs became available. The hospital charge per day ranges from $225-435, my responsibility is $61-112 per day. The ER bill is not correct!!! I called the hospital billing to request a detailed breakdown of all charges for my entire stay both ER & hospital. I did this over a week ago & still haven’t received it. I only live a few blocks away so I’m going down there to the billing dept. on Oct. 7th (today) to get it in person. This way I can review it with all my records & take it to the proper people for handling.

Pason Skin Cancer Scar wk 51 Pason Skin Cancer, Surgery, Hospital, Recovery
(Scar Oct. 6th, 5 weeks after surgery)

Pason Actress1 Pason Skin Cancer, Surgery, Hospital, Recovery
(Pic. Oct. 6th)


Always listen to your intuition, if anything shows up on your body that isn’t normal demand a test, scar or no scar! If you have surgery ask for an antibiotic to prevent infection & if you’re a female that’s prone to yeast infection when taking an antibiotic ask for a Diflucan when they prescribe the antibiotic but make sure you tell you’re Dr. any current medications or herbal supplements you’re taking.  When you can wash your hair get clarifying shampoo to help take the grease out that builds up from not being able to wash it. After much of the swelling went down my face & head started to peel so a good exfoliator like Clinique 7 day scrub for your face (not head) works great. It’s gentle & you’ll need to use it more than one day.  You never know what’s going on in someone else’s life.

“There are an estimated 2.8 million cases of BCC diagnosed in the US each year. In fact, it is the most frequently occurring form of all cancers. More than one out of every three new cancers are skin cancers, and the vast majority are BCCs. It shouldn’t be taken lightly: this skin cancer can be disfiguring if not treated promptly.” – http://www.skincancer.org/skin-cancer-information/basal-cell-carcinoma

Thanks for reading.

Pason wk 5 after Basal Cell Skin Cancer Surgery1 Pason Skin Cancer, Surgery, Hospital, Recovery
(Photo just before my audition Oct. 6th)






Pason met with Matthew Mancini!

Pason had a nice meeting with a smart, interesting, creative person Matthew Mancini. It was cool to hear about his industrial furniture design, game he’s developing, future restaurant, & two Pilots he’s writing. I’m loving general meetings!


Memories of my Father

Memories of my Father written by Pason.

David Tenenbaum was the man I considered my father. He & my mom married each other 2 times, were married till I was 10, he never put me in harms way, he was a great business Jewish man, an Aries, the only person I spoke to from my past. He said I was a week old when he met me. My biological parents had gone to a David’s father-n-laws funeral. Mom and David’s wife where sitting talking & David’s wife wanted to hold me. David walked up and his wife said to him, “oh honey, lets have one! Just hold her. Please.” David, kept saying no, no, no. David had two daughters that didn’t live with him. Not long after, David’s wife was killed in a car accident. My parents divorce was final when I was 9 months old. David and my mom married when I was 3 yrs old, and little did he know that little infant he had said no, no, no & refused to hold would end up being his daughter forever. Like I say a redhead chooses you, you don’t choose them, lol.

While they were married David never treated Na (my whole brother) or I (Pason) any different from Shiloh. Shiloh was David’s 1st born son. Our house that my bio-dad gave my mom, which was filled with Victorian Antique Furniture & tiffany lamp burned the day Shiloh was born. David used the insurance money to buy land & build a new home.

We were spoiled! We celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas. We were raised Mormon (non-devout) & somewhat Jewish so Shiloh could decide which he wanted to be when he got older. David traveled a lot for business but showered us with gifts. At one point I had every Barbie and accessory made. When I set it all up to play with the Barbie’s, they would cover my room, on top of my bed down the hall into the living room. David would laugh when he would come home and it was time for me to put my Barbies away because I didn’t like to make multiple trips; I would gather up everything in one trip to the point that I couldn’t even see in front of me. Before David would leave for a business trip he would ask us what we wanted him to bring back. Every time he went to Florida, I would say a Seahorse! He would explain that they lived way down in the water, too far for him to get and would ask what else I would like. For some reason, I would say “smell good”. That was what I called mouth wash. I still don’t really know why I would ask for mouth wash maybe because he would bring me the travel size ones and I thought it was cute. He always brought us back toys and my “smell good”. We never asked for anything. On his way back from a Florida business trip he said he thought of the words Turkey Lips, started laughing & from that point on it’s what he called me. Turkey Lips!

He had a doom buggy for all of us to ride around in, eventually had it special painted with each of our names airbrushed on it. It was blue glitter paint. LOL! When he would come home from a business trip he would have my mom dress me in my Sunday best, he would get dressed up and he would take me to the better restaurants in town to show me how to order. I always looked forward to this! Though, I have never told him that.

David owned a pawn shop and flee market at one point. He and mom taught me at a young age about jewelry. Every girl and woman loves jewelry. They wanted me to be educated in the different stones, cut, colors, clarity, etc… Yes, this makes it hard for men now. David would design & have jewelry made as well. One day David had bought this cute, classy, simple, necklace for his daughter Jan who is only a year and a half older than me. Jan, denied the gift, which, David in turn gave to me. I was so excited!!! I still wear the necklace a lot! I have worn it since I was 6 yrs old. Every year for either my birthday or Christmas he would buy me a piece of jewelry and his rule was it had to have at least 1 diamond in it. He carried this tradition on till I was 21yrs old. I do believe the reason David made the tradition that I get one piece of jewelry per year for either Christmas or my birthday and it had to have at least one diamond in it is because my biological dad wouldn’t buy me anything for Christmas. My bio-dad always bought my brother gifts but for some reason not me. He had money. I would have to go over to our bio-dads house every year & watch my brother receive gifts which hurt deeply every time. After Na & I would leave mom would take us to the store & Na would return the gifts from our bio-dad, split the money with me or we would both get gifts at the store. I know there were times he really wanted to keep the gifts. Not many brothers would do something like this for their sister. One year as a teenager, it was the same ordeal, my brother received a gun cabinet. My mom was having a huge family Christmas dinner with over 50 people at our house & I told Na to keep the gift. He deserved it. I went to my room & was in tears. It was the last time I put myself threw that pain. I told mom I wasn’t going to anymore & she needed to figure out another way to get the child support check.

David called me every year on my Birthday as well on March 27th! I would call him on his April 5th for his birthday. My bio-dad didn’t even remember my birthday or how old I was. These are the reasons I believe David made the tradition with me, as a way to help me feel better & it did. I was special to him.

David was the only person that could control my mom when she lashed out at me. One time I was on the trampoline & had sat down when my mom came outside screaming at me that I was fat. I’ve never been chubby nor had baby fat. She just saw my skin on my abs folded, had one of her episodes & David pulled up. He grabbed her inside the house. I could see them yelling at each other threw the glass doors. He didn’t believe in arguing in front of kids. He brought her outside, told me to sit up straight, pointed out to her that I didn’t have a fat roll, explained to her about skin & made her apologize to me. My mom is physically beautiful but manic depressant/bi-polar.

Another of David’s business he dealt with exotic animals; mountain lions, cougars, blue foxes, monkeys, miniature deer, at one time a porky pine, and so on. He bought 194 acres on top of the mountain, built a big structure to keep the animals and bought each of us 4 wheelers to ride around the property. It was awesome! There was a lake on the property. He told us that we could each claim 5 acres as our own and I choose the clear piece of land across the lake that was sand stone. It had a stream that went from the lake across a part of the sand stone all the way off the mountain making a waterfall.

David, was also over Raccoon Mountain; where they had a cave, cave tours, camping, water slide, pool, go carts, hang gliding, video arcade, and a house on top of the arcade/gift store. We loved it there! We also had, pin ball machine, gumball machine, at one point I had 7 ponys, which I only saw once because mom freaked out to hear that David wanted me to take riding lessons so that I could be a jockey. LOL! He loved to gamble! I always had beautiful dresses “fluffy dresses” is what I called them.

When I was 10 yrs old they had divorced for the last time. I had to have a massive reconstructive, exploratory ear surgery on my right ear. They cut my whole ear off, down my neck & dissected my facial nerve. My bio-dad had dropped the insurance on me & my brother just before my surgery because he was mad at our mom & he refused to pay for even my prescription drugs. David was the one that gave her the money for my prescriptions. I was treated for an ear infection for 12 weeks while I was being sent to specialists, cat scans, etc… they were trying to figure out what was wrong. It never affected my hearing. My ear would bleed from the inside out & felt like a butcher knife was stabbing me in the side of the head over & over. They said I had an extra hole in my ear that was about to hit my facial nerve which is why they dissected it, did some other stuff, plastic surgeon came in & did a skin graft as well. I was in the hospital for a week before the surgery, few weeks after the surgery & then wearing my huge bandage spent time with David & his new wife at Raccoon Mtn.. My bio-dad ended up having to pay for the surgery which he said came to over $100,000. My bio-dad quickly added Na & I back to his health insurance after that.

David asked my mom to marry him a 3rd time. She asked if he was going to stop cheating (I learned about STD’s when in elementary school because my mom didn’t hold back information & I looked it up in the medical book we had) & if he would stop gambling. His answer was “Barbara, I am who I am.” She said she couldn’t live that way. I always gave him credit for being honest with her. When my mom re-married I refused to go to her wedding. Instead I stayed with David & his girlfriend. Always glad I made that choice.

It took David over 30 yrs. To track down his 1st daughter. Her mom had her & it’s a long story which isn’t mine to tell. He had a private investigator for that long to find out where & what happened to his daughter. How many fathers would do that?

First time he took us fishing he brought the fish home to gut & grill. I had a cat named Fruitcake at the time. I was outside watching him cut the heads off & as he cut one off, it landed on the ground where Fruitcake started to eat it. I was grossed out & started gagging so bad David told me to go inside. We had French glass doors, I was still watching threw the glass doors, gagging which made David gag to the point he couldn’t continue & he had to come inside. We always laughed about that story.

He was the one that got me to eat shrimp, oysters, crab, fish & he said it was important to eat a salad. Funny it’s still how I mostly eat. He loved jewelry. He built his own houses. Our house was modest because he told me rule in business is keep your overhead low & invest in your business. Which he did. He did things his way. He was a people person, outgoing, fun, safe, caring, stubburn. He had great calf muscles. He struggled with his weight but had a personal trainer for my mom. He always had nice cars. One year he bought a white Lexus & I made it a goal to own a Lexus when I grew up. Now I’ve owned 2. He had a cell phone when they first came out & CD player. He & I thought a lot alike. He loved to be married & was actually married 12 times, lol! He wasn’t perfect but to me he was a great guy & I’m so thankful that he was in my life.

When I was on tour, if I was performing a few hours away from where he was he would drive to me & take me to lunch. After he & my mom divorced he moved to Gulfport-Biloxi, MS. He drove almost every weekend from there to Ringgold, GA (close to Chattanooga, TN) to come see Shiloh. As a kid I thought, damn, my real dad only lives about 10 mins away & doesn’t make an effort to see us. We were not affectionate. He laughed & said the closest I ever got to anyone was one time he came home, sat on the couch, I walked over to him, climbed up on the couch, sat next to him, said hi, scooted off the couch & left. After I became an adult I finally understood & worked on my issue with hugging. A few years ago I finally gave him a hug just before he left after taking me to lunch.

He was a free spirit!

About a month ago he had surgery & they removed one of his toes. He went home, had a heart attack, back to the hospital & he had developed an infection in his blood they were trying to clear up before they could do heart surgery. At this time Shiloh & he went over arrangements. I had never heard or seen David cry till a phone call we had when all this was going on. He said he knew he wasn’t going to make it. I told him to rest & heal. He’s a strong man. He said he didn’t like making the arrangements. I said well I don’t think it’s something anyone wants to do but at least you’ve done it, let Shiloh handle things & let Jan help take care of him. A few weeks later he called & said he decided not to have the heart surgery. He was feeling better & he wanted to be able to live his life the way he was use to. I told him you have to do what you feel is best for you.

Our last conversation we spoke for over an hour & a half. He also apologized to me & said he was sorry that I went threw things I should had never been through especially after age 10. I told him it wasn’t his fault. He told me he loved me like his own. He said “I’m not just your father I would like for you to call me dad. Because I am both & have always been.” I love him! He kept his promise & didn’t let people know that we spoke for all these years. I blacklisted my bio-family in 2008 for good healthy reasons. He had me make 2 promises to him. 1. Stay focused on my acting career. 2. Marry someone nice & rich, lol! I will easily keep both promises. I wish I could of seen him one more time. Kept praying that he would heal completely. Our last conversation was fantastic.! I’ll miss calling him to tell him about business & hear about his but decided I’ll continue to tell him because I know he’s now watching over everyone.

He passed away in the morning on 8-25-2013 of a pulmonary embolism in Galveston, TX where he was living & owned a go Kart track.

Pason David Shiloh Memories of my Father

Memories of my Father.  Pason, David, Shiloh in the Doom Buggy.

Pason the Redhead Actress”