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Pason – Perfect Body?! I’m glad I can still move!

Pason-Perfect Body?!

I love my body! I’m happy that I can move so well, especially, both sides of my face & my right eyebrow. Here’s why:

Surgeries & Injuries:

1. ’90 rt ear cut off. 12 wks Dr’s, cat scans, specialists, antibiotics to clear up any possible infection. 2 wks in hospital b4 decision for exploratory surgery. 4.5hrs surgery with a 50/50 chance, ear cut off, down neck, dissected right facial nerve (bc Dr’s felt what was happening would paralyze that side of my face), reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery to reconnect my ear, etc… Never effected my hearing (though ear plugs don’t work on my rt ear & I’m in the medical books for this surgery.) Glad my teacher fought for me not to get held back bc my friends took notes for me to study, brother picked up my work & dropped it off, would sometimes go half days, still took tests, etc… Some teachers, friends & Dr’s are awesome! (Yep, my brother wasn’t bad either.)

2. ’92 Lower rt hernia surgery.

3. ’93 Lower rt hernia surgery close to the other one. This time, mesh in lower abdominal to help prevent future 1s.

4. ’95 both big toe nails cut & treated with a chemical to prevent ingrown toenails. Helped with pointe.

5. ’96, 4 wisdom teeth taken out w anesthesia.

6. ’98 tonsils & adenoids removed.

7. Rt hamstring torn.

8. ’99 chipped a piece of bone in joint, left toe nxt to pinky toe & sprung it in ballet class doing jetes across the floor (something we did every class).

9. ’01 breast implants (at least my choice).

10.  ’02, 4 teeth extracted to bring in teeth 4 mouth to close to correct orthodontist from TN. & $10,000 braces.

11.  ’03 ovarian cysts surgery. L size of grapefruit. Rt 2 choc. filled. (started energy work after)

12. ’06 L psoas torn

13. ’08 Prk eye surgery (as an aerialist I could’t wear glasses or contacts to perform but really needed to see. Glad I did this.)

14. ’10 Nerve damage in both arms & legs.

15. ’11 L psoas torn again. Got the message, to lay off all the aerial/ballet for a bit to let my body heal & thankfully I had already started my transition into my mainstream acting career.

16. ’13 Sept. Rt. Forehead skin cancer MOHs surgery. Infection, 4 day hospital stay & several laser treatments after. (Couldn’t lay flat for a month, no going upside down for 6months-1yr & took me almost a year to get complete movement in my rt eyebrow again.) I have wonderful friends that helped take care of me.

17. Jan. ’14 cracked sacrum due to flood in my apt.

18. Aug. ’14 skin cancer on rt leg. Never let Dr’s talk you into using the cream. After biopsy you have to let the wound heal, then use cream that eats your skin away for 6 wks, let that heal for a few months, then they want to do another biopsy to c if the SC is gone, stitches, &…

19. March ’15 Laser treatments for the SC scar on leg! I wish I had known this because every time you turn around its an extra few hundred dollars & a lot of time. MOH’s surgery is best. Cut it out, pathologist there to make sure it’s gone, stitch up, heal, move on.

20. Pre-cancerous spots frozen. 4 on forehead, 1 tip of lip L side.

People always tell me I have the perfect body. I laugh! Do I? I love my body! Many people use the excuse “Well you have great genes!” I do have good 1s, but I also do the work. I’m glad I know a lot about exercise, the human body to rehab myself, work around injuries, while continuing my life, Acting/Voice Over career/classes, ask Dr’s questions & research. Even though I’ve been through all these physical things & other tragic events (some know parts of my life story & would make great horror & Lifetime movies, haha), I do the work, remove certain things… no pun intended, I don’t stop, I believe, pray a lot, keep going forward & have faith. It’s important to me! Progression & Perseverance!

Pason Commercial Fitness audition 211x300 Pason   Perfect Body?! Im glad I can still move!

Pason Commercial Fitness audition

“Pason the Redhead Actress”