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Pason WIF Malibu Celebrity Golf Classic

Pason attends WIF Malibu Celebrity Golf Classic volunteering, for a great organization. http://www.wif.org/events/the-malibu-golf-classic  It’s one of Women In Film’s best known and most popular events, takes place every summer @ The Malibu Golf Club www.malibugolfclub.com. It was an informal day full of members and celebrities golfing beside each other, clinics, contests for prizes followed by a cocktail party and auction.

I can not tell you how much fun I had, so photos speak louder than words. Photo Link here: http://pasonactress.com/photos/  Aaron Speiser students “myself” Pason www.PasonActress.com, http://www.imdb.me/pason, Mariana Anaya http://www.imdb.me/marianaanaya & Pamela Rebora http://www.imdb.me/pamelarebora, helped stuff gift bags, greet people as they came into the event, give golfers their gift bags, was surprised to see my friend actor Paul Logan http://www.imdb.me/paullogan (also Aaron Speiser student) at the event as he was coming down the line, I smiled and said “Hi, Paul.” After everyone was signed in and gifts were handed out I was a witness on hole 7 where if you got a hole in 1 you won the Mercedes C250. I was giving people inspiration that they could win it! Mariana and Pamela were on hole 5 where you won a Custom Golf Cart by Malibu Custom Carts www.malibucustomcarts.com if you got a hole in 1 on that hole. I got to chat with everyone. Guess what?! They let me drive the Golf Cart! Boy that was fun and funny bc I couldn’t reach the pedal if I sat back against the seat! So, I decided to have fun with it. After the game was over we changed into a nice dress, heels, touched up our hair, makeup and went to the Cocktail Charity party to eat and mingle. I had a blast and helped give back to a great organization.

Oh, I also found a piece of ice shaped like a heart. Photo on https://twitter.com/PasonActress  It was laying on the top of the bucket we had bottled water and coconut water in and obviously ice. I walked by the bucket to watch some women golf, stopped, picked it up, showed it to everyone, took pic’s of it. Then I held it making my wishes till it melted in my left hand (side of heart & female side of body).

Event Committee:
Chair: Candace Bowen
Co-Chair: Faye Sadou
Honorary Chairs: Glen Campbell, James Keach
WIF Golf Classic Ambassador: Tom Karl
Golf Ball Drop Challenge Sponsored: Tom Karl, Betty Thomas
Auctioneer: Billy Harris

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